Bitcoin Analysis (Buy or Not)

Bitcoin Analysis (Buy or Not)

By Jw1 | JW | 18 Dec 2020

Bitcoin Analysis (Buy or Not)


Bitcoin (BTC) the number one cryptocurrency at the time, Bitcoin(BTC) is was forming a rising wedge pattern since this month 1st week, and now it is at the breakout stage and soon there will be new All Time High of $30,000.

Thus might look crazy, but fundamentals and the technicals both are showing that there is a massive breakout coming up in the way.


Should Buy or Not:

  • According to the top analysts of cryptocurrency market, it is going to touch the mark of $30,000 very soon and as i am telling y'all from when the price was at $18,000, that Bitcoin (BTC) has a big rally coming soon, there we go this is what i was talking about. 

  • It is a Buy signal still, as the price will not be coming this low anywhere soon, as per analysis it is going to be surging high for now. 


Why the Uptrend :

  • Since 2017 Bitcoin (BTC) was getting to the lower side but this years start gave us, lockdown and a gift that is ' Altcoin season '. There's been around 300%rise in the value of the King of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) since the mid year of 2020.

  • Bigger whales, financial giants and even the individuals with knowledge of market are buying Bitcoin (BTC) in huge amounts, because like 2017 there's another wave coming and will take Bitcoin (BTC) to new heights. 

  • Trust in Bitcoin (BTC) as the best performing financial asset, has made its value rise as per its potential. 


Have a great day and a great investment. 

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