300% Spike In Cryto ATM Installation

By Jw1 | JW | 8 Nov 2020

300% Spike In Cryto ATM Installation :


Cryptocurrency is becoming people's first choise whether it being investing or trading. Inspite of there being tremendous volatility in cryptocurrency, people still are switching to cryptocurrency at a large scale. This makes there a huge need for cryptocurrency ATM's.


  • According to the reports, there has been a more than 300% rise in the installation of crypto ATM's as compared to the previous year 2019.


  • People are getting much comfortable with using, investing and trading in cryptocurrency more than ever.


  • The U.S.A is the first or we can say the leading among all the countries in the matter of adopting cryptocurrency and installing Crypto ATM's, followed by canada and UK.


  • Even the people belonging from Developing countries are getting involved in in using Cryptocurrency. So, we can have an idea by that at what pace cryptocurrency is getting accepted by people.


  • For sure cryptocurrency is the future of finacial market, and that isn't much far when crypto will be ruling the financial world.


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