Terminal Velocity

By AtomCollector | Juxta | 23 Aug 2019


From the first album recorded with a full band. The whole album was recorded at rehearsals with just a couple of ZOOM microphones. I then over dubbed vocals in my home studio. Expertly mastered by The Turtle Project with thanks!

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I was falling
Terminal velocity
Nobody calling
No one to save me
I looked for the ground
Where am I going?
Couldn't be found
Just no way of knowing

Terminal velocity ad infinitumΒ 

Hours passed by
Nothing changed
Not a cloud in the sky
Everything stayed the same
Then I got to thinkingΒ 
What if I fall forever?
Could this be the end?
Into the never never!

Terminal velocity ad infinitumΒ 

I had a feeling of calm
As if it all made sense
No panic no alarm
No longer intense
I must have fallen asleep
The Sandman was calling
But when I opened my eyes
I was still falling!!

Terminal velocity ad infinitum


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More about Juxta

Genre agnostic singer/songwriter from the UK with influences including: Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Motorhead, Bjork & The Buzzcocks.

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Industrial Post-Punk Musician amongst other things.

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