Growing Old Disgracefully

Growing Old Disgracefully

By AtomCollector | Juxta | 12 Feb 2019


For ageing punks everywhere! A song about not giving a damn what people think and just going for it! From the second album "Welcome To Your Life". When I got to about 50 years of age I had an epiphany - I had spent far too much of my life worrying about what people thought of me. I used to obsess about it! I realised how ridiculous it was and from that day I decided I would do what the hell I like and if people didn't like it then it was their problem not mine!! This song is about that, about "growing old disgracefully"!

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She says I'm crazy but what does she know?
Just shut yer face and drink your Pinot
I don't want to grow up it's pointless
And I don't care if you take the piss

'cos I'm growing old disgracefully
It's not your business so leave me be
I'm growing old disgracefully
Gonna do it 'til they bury me

She said "Put your feet up and watch TV"
"Let me make you a cup of tea"
"Let's book a nice Saga holiday"
You got to be bloody kidding me



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