[NEWS] Earning Bitcoin and Litecoin by making online purchases ?

[NEWS] Earning Bitcoin and Litecoin by making online purchases ?

By McAlex7 | justsomenews | 14 Apr 2020

Recently the Litecoin foundation announced a partnership with BitcoinRewards which allow the users to earn Bitcoin and Litecoin while shopping. The total amount of available rewards is approximately $360 million USD, and the offer includes over 1.500 online stores. Let's see how this all system works and how can users earn some Bitcoin and Litecoin through their purchases.


After this partnership has been announced, they have decided to put an extension BitcoinRewards with Google Chrome (it also works with other browsers like Brave), and this extension become usable when you shop on the online stores affiliated. According to the foundation some users who are use to shop often could earn around $2.000 USD per year. And because of the actual situation (due to COVID-19) there are more and more online shopping, so Charlie Lee (Litecoin creator) said :

"There is no better time than now to shop online and earn Bitcoin & Litecoin through our extension, given the current social and economic challenges facing society".

The Litecoin foundation worked a lot on that partnership and they were excited that this project materializes, given the number of online purchases that we make each year, the foundation consider it normal that the "loyalty" of customers is remunerated. Charlie Lee added :

"We are delighted to see the BitcoinRewards team enable the use of Litecoin and share the Litecoin Foundation’s vision for global awareness, education and adoption. BitcoinRewards lowers entry barriers for Bitcoin and Litecoin by offering a solution where people can learn and win at the same time".


If a user wish to start earning some Bitcoin and Litecoin, they just have to download the BitcoinRewards extension on their Website. When a user make purchases, he receives a non-invasive notification that he can click on. The user will then receive a pending reward notification via the user’s extension and email. Khan Hood (BitcoinRewards CEO) stated :

"Our current BitcoinRewards members have traditionally enjoyed earning Bitcoins via our web platform, but the new Google Chrome extension removes the extra steps, allowing online shoppers to never miss an opportunity to win Litecoin and Bitcoins again".

The reward is calculated according the amount of money the user spend on it, it is a certain percentage of the total amount or a fixed sum. I haven't use this extension that much because all of online shops are not affiliated, however it is an interesting partnership and you could definitely give it a try.



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