4 News From This Week You Should Know (31 August to 6 September)

By McAlex7 | justsomenews | 6 Sep 2020

It has been a dark week, with major drops concerning almost every cryptocurrencies. However, there are still some interesting news in the crypto-sphere. Today we are going to talk about Ethereum, Uniswap, Bitcoin stats and finally Pornhub. Let's dive straight into it.

1. Ethereum transactions fees continue to increase :


It appears that Ethereum gas fees are still growing, at the beginning of the week the average ETH fee was around $3.50 and rapidly spiked up to $8 on September 2nd. According to what some people stated this increase is correlated to Sushiswap's launch (a fork from Uniswap) who reached a total frozen value of $1 billion in less than 24 hours.

We are all aware of Ethereum potential, however the gas fees are still problematic and could seriously tarnish Ethereum's reputation. As a result the timing of Ethereum 2.0 launch will therefore constitute a major step forward and will surely give a breath of air to the all Ethereum network.

2. The impressive success of Uniswap :


I mentioned Uniswap earlier in the article and it's mainly due to the big growth of this new exchange. Uniswap is basically a DeFi exchange, as a result this exchange benefits from the enthusiasm around DeFi, it actually reached a trading volume of $1 billion in 24 hours. Uniswap outperformed exchanges like Coinbase Pro or ZB, ranking at number 3 just behind Binance (#1) and OKEx (#2).

This week has actually been quite hectic for Uniswap, especially with the appearance of Sushiswap (like I said a fork from Uniswap), also the overall volume which reached $9.3 billion. However Uniswap's future could be much complicated, indeed the competition is going to be tougher (with exchanges like Polkaswap for example), and moreover Sushiswap is representing 72% of the total liquidity.

3. Bitcoin statistics :


As you all know Bitcoin's price went from $11.900 on September 2nd down to $9.900 on September 3rd. A dark week which led Bitcoin to took almost all the other cryptocurrencies down with him. Many people try to explain this dip and hypothesis are numerous, some talk about specualtion, others refer to the raid on September 2nd against one of the largest crypto exchanges in South Korea, Bithumb (due to illegal actions from its CEO).

Right now analysts are pretty confident regarding Bitcoin's future, many of them consider that Bitcoin is going to fill the "gap" created back in July between $9.600 and $9.900. Once this gap will be filled we expect it to bounce back from this crucial level and break few resistances in order to reach a new all time high.

4. Pornhub is now accepting BTC & LTC :


A fun fact to finish, I think you all know Pornhub, well they surprised everyone with this announcement, from now on premium services can be paid with Bitcoin & Litecoin. Overall this news is kind of interesting, Pornhub is a massive website with over 130 millions daily users, as a result it offers another source of visibility for cryptocurrencies because it will surely touch a new category of people. More and more huge enterprises are getting into cryptocurrency and blockchain technology which is very encouraging for its full democratization.

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