4 Masters of Writing on Publish0x

4 Masters of Writing on Publish0x

By McAlex7 | justsomenews | 22 May 2020

Publish0x is a network full of good ideas, quality articles and interesting concepts, and it recently hit 100.000 members. For the occasion they have proposed to put the bests bloggers of the platform (according to us) in light. It is tough to make choices concerning "the bests" because a lot of people are talented, put a great work and write quality content, so if you want to start writing on Publish0x I have one advice : do it, take inspiration from those great creators and help this platform to be even greater.

Some of you might know it I usually do a weekly format called 4 News From This Week You Should Know, so today for the occasion I going to do the 4 Masters of Writing on Publish0x, let's dive into it !

4. list3r :


That guy is aptly named because its content exclusively deal with lists, list of partnerships, collaborations and integrations concerning different cryptocurrency or crypto project. He joined in early 2020 and have now 755 followers, so why I choose him ? Basically because of its quality and quantity, his way of expressing himself and his style of writing make his articles clean and serious. It takes you about 5 to 8 minutes to read one of those interesting articles, giving you every informations you need to know on the subject that interests you.

Those articles help you to see what directions the project in question is taking, what will make it a success or a failure, what policy the project wants to apply. I really like the number of details he brings, the way he covers the subject in depth and the quality of its writing, this make you want to read another one and then another one. The seriousness of the articles and their usefulness make him a high standard author, I advise you to go check what he does on its profile.

3. Thomas Wolf :


A totally different profile but again he is one of the most interesting people to write on the platform. Thomas talks about everything and anything, in contrast to list3r who sticks to a unique format, he can write about new projects, new cryptocurrencies, predictions concerning cryptocurrency's future and way more. What I like about what he does is that he is very implicated and often shares its own experiment, for example he can test methods of staking (with Tezos on Coinbase for example).

The diversity offered by Thomas's articles is huge, everyone can basically find its happiness in these articles, its point of view is often relevant and captivating. Thomas posts almost daily and on a small format (around 2-4 minutes) which makes it comfortable if you just want a quick read, he managed to gather more than 900 followers since he started back in December 2019. If you are a cryptocurrency curious and wish to learn about different subjects, I recommend you to take a look here.

2. Brawnd0 : 


One of the bests for sure, even if it has been a month since he published anything, Brawnd0 is part of the pillars of Publish0x and culminates over 2000 followers since August 2019. Brawnd0's speciality is news, he exclusively deal with cryptocurrency news, above all he "created" the 5 News of the week which reports on current events concerning cryptocurrency, to sum up it's a quick read who gather the major news of the week in the most serious and interesting way possible.

He also often talk about Brave Browser and BAT, he has a solid knowledge of the project and he brings news on possible collaborations, future partnerships (with Binance for example) and more. Brawnd0 is a guy who knows what he is talking about, his knowledge makes its articles highly addictive and makes you understand better complicated subjects. The time of reading fluctuates from very short news (1 to 2 minutes), and longer ones concerning strong and rich news (4 to 7 minutes), Brawnd0 learns you a lot of thing and manages to structure perfectly its articles. 

I hope he will comeback soon because it is a pleasure to read his articles which are as interesting as well written, in the meantime I highly invite you to read his previous articles and to follow this amazing writer.

1. MuyAsk :


First but not least, MuyAsk. I think you probably know him but if you don't just go follow him. He joined Publish0x in early 2020 and owns now over 2700 followers (crazy for only 6 months), and like list3r previously, he has an exclusive format which is Top Things To Know About "insert random cryptocurrency". And I must admit that this format is the most detailed and precise one I have seen on Publish0x, it is simple if you have any interrogations or questions concerning any cryptocurrency you will find your information in the article about it.

Those articles have a long duration (between 7 to 9 minutes) because of the huge quantity of informations that you can find in one article. It explains clearly when it was created, what is the purpose of the concerned cryptocurrency, where you can buy it, how you can use it, future partnerships, and more. Among the huge quantity of details and informations delivered by MuyAsk you can also observe the quality of writing, all details (even the most complex) are given with finesse and are understandable by anyone.

All in all MuyAsk is definitely my favorite creator on this platform mainly because of his important knowledge on literally any cryptocurrency and the way he expresses himself, like I said previously if you feel you want start writing on Publish0x you have to learn from guys like MuyAsk. Don't hesitate to read what if he previously wrote and to check what he will do in the future. 

To sum up I just wanna say that it is based on my tastes and my way to see articles on cryptocurrencies, but the most important is that everyone on this platform is participating in its own way to make it progress. That you are a writer or a reader you are building a stronger and stronger community on Publish0x, let's all work for an even better future of the platform. 

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