A Day in the Life of a Web3 Worker: How to Get Started

By Justino | An Angle of Truth | 14 Nov 2023

So... You want to get Started in Web3?

Look for Web3 communities. Attend Web3 events both offline and online. An internet search, especially on Twitter and LinkedIn would help you find them - words like Blockchain, crypto, Web3 and more is a great start. Check out these communities and social media accounts for awhile to know if their communication aligns with your values and the members are respectful.

Then participate and contribute, either by helping an admin answer members' questions about the project, product, or general Web3 knowledge. Basically, show that you're active and engaged.
Invest in education before you invest your money is a good mindset to have as you get into the Web3 space.
And don't listen to anyone asking to trade your money - Do it Yourself.

Is a Web3 Resume the same as a web2 Resume?

A traditional web2 resume is slightly different from a Web3 resume. One doesn't need to add private details like a phone number, address, or date of birth in a web2 resume. It's usually a bit more informal with a bit more color. But of course don't forget to add your metrics and numbers to show your impact of both web2 and Web3 experience. Even interning is experience. Many times, it was my contribution that served as a resume.

How do You Handle Burnout?

Know when to take a break because Web3 never sleeps. There's always a new trend, project or news popping up. Taking breaks will help you in the long term essentially keep your job and handle people well. One also needs empathy when interacting with people online as they can't see your expressions or gestures, so someone can easily perceive you as cold. Taking care of yourself physically and emotionally can help you respond in an empathetic way, which will enhance your impact - Get Your Rest.

How do You Deal with a Project Rug Pull?

Have a side hustle. Whether it's a passive income or a business someone can support you on, do it in case of a rug pull, when a project runs out of funds or when the owners suddenly replace you with AI - you never know. Learn to utilize AI as a support system.
And don't spend more than you earn.

Salary Range of a Web3 Worker?

It can be from anywhere between $50 to $100 per week depending on your skill set. The more skilled you are, the more you can negotiate your salary. So continue up-skilling yourself.

My thoughts on the Recent (all) Bull Runs?

I believe it's against Web3 values to delve into any kind of speculation.


So remember these 4 things as you get started into Web3:

1. Look for communities you can trust.
2. A web2 resume is slightly different from a Web3 Resume. And sometimes your contributions can be a substitute.
3. Get your rest to prevent burnout.
4. Have a side hustle (or many).

Let me know in the comments what your experience is and how I can help.

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