Uhive - A social media that pays you for being social!

Uhive - A social media that pays you for being social!

By Arsh Verma | just Hodl It | 23 Mar 2021

According to a survey, an average user spends 90 minutes(1.5 hrs) daily on social media that's roughly 547 hrs a year!

With that said, it's not a surprise why the tech giants are so powerful, harvesting user data, selling it and doing whatnot. Being a product of Social Giants is not a cool thing to be. As a consumer, we have rights and an invaluable presence. Imagine a network that pays you for being who you are! (no strings attached). Uhive is such a network with around 300,000+ users, making a real bang in the tech industry.

Uhive BrandingHere are a few features of why Uhive is a big deal:

1: First Social Network to create NFTs for Users Profile(Spaces according to Uhive terminology)

2: Uhive uses its digital currency, the Uhive token, that exists on Ethereum blockchain technology (You can use these Uhive tokens to do a ton of things and potentially even convert it to money).

3: You only see posts from the interests that you follow.

4: Uhive offers two types of experiences — the Civilized World and the Free World.

5: Rewarding Influencers and Users for the time they spend on the app.

6: Uhive is about to close its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs with £700,000 in funding from 450 Seedrs investors.


With all that said, here is a brief of what you can potentially do with Uhive:

It's a people place having something for everyone. Let it be art or dance, you won't be disappointed with the diversity which the platform holds. With the efforts and time you put in, the platform will reward you with its native tokens valued around 0.03$ and rising exponentially since it's now listed on exchanges Latoken and Probit.

Final verdict:

It's a revolutionary platform now even more Mighty with its HVE2 tokens listed on exchanges. For starters here is a link that will give you your first set of 300 tokens.


Use this code: VMC1A4

To get a headstart!

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