Dogecoin Takes Center Stage

By justGreg | justCrypto | 8 May 2021

With Elon Musk's impending SNL appearance the hype around Dogecoin is real.

Holders are glued to the screen watching the recent rises to all time highs.

Non-holders are either watching in horror, thinking it might be time to fomo in, or actually fomoing in.

And to top off how crazy things have gotten, your mother asks if you know what Dogecoin is.

Now there's no telling what skits are planned for the evening and most likely it will be a big bust, but Elon's tweet is intriguing.

If we can read the tea leaves here, Musk is seeming to play down his role in the hype advocating for cautious investing. Personally, this makes me feel like there may be some nod to cryptocurrency during his performance Saturday night.

I think there are 2 likely scenarios:

1. The most likely - SNL is a bust and much like Doge Day, there will be no price action over what we are seeing today.

2. There is something crypto related and Dogecoin goes wild.

Now regarding the second scenario. Anything crypto related on SNL has the potential to send Dogecoin barreling towards that $1 wall. IF that $1 benchmark gets cleared, the hype train will be driving itself. Between articles discussing the performance and the $1 mark the FOMO will become real.

Either scenario - Tomorrow night the eyes of the cryptoworld will be watching SNL

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