ROI in ONE DAY! Welcome to TronCity...

ROI in ONE DAY! Welcome to TronCity...

Sometime yesterday I got this strange telegram message from a user I didn’t know. 
They sent a little explanation of the deposit bonus for new users of a game that just started. I took the bait, invested the minimum required and within one day earned my investment back!!!!  And I’m not alone.  Other users I sent it to made more than me already, only because their pockets are deeper!!!

Welcome to TronCity!  Based in the tron blockchain, this game is going to put other investment games bearing the tron name to waste!!  

The concept is fairly simple- users invest in tron on the site and convert their tron to QZT. With QZT users can purchase building cards. These building cards earn QZT hourly and also mine QZX, the tron city token.  Half your earnings go towards in game purchases and half towards withdrawal. 

Adding another layer to the game, users can sell building cards in a marketplace until half their original value of the card has been used. When the card’s value is up, which is a specified number of days that differs for each building, the card is burned. Burned cards can’t be used again until the next game cycle. 

Since TronCity operates on the tron blockchain, the game uses a smart contract that provides transparency for users, allows them to constantly audit the contract and make sure funds are available for withdrawal. 

Long story short- after one day I withdrew 9 tron, basically recouping my initial investment, with the other 50% of my one day earnings still there to buy more buildings!

*Users need a tronlink wallet to play the TronCity dapp. 

**11/8 update: I invested another 20 tron yesterday in order to buy a third building. After one day I have 10 tron available for withdrawal and another 915 QZT available for in game purchases. Should get back 100% of my second deposit tomorrow!

***11/8 update2: Just withdrew 11 tron. Have 1,000 QZT for future purchases. 

****11/9 update: Withdraw of 11 tron. I’m now +1 total and generating about 11-12 tron a day. Still have 2100 QZT for in game purchases 

*****11/10 update: Withdraw of 10 tron. + 11 profit. 2,000 QZT spent on a fourth building card with 1,100 leftover for purchase of another building. 

******11/11 update: Withdrawal for another 10 trx. +21 tron total profit so far. 2,000+ QZT leftover for purchase. 

*******11/13 update: withdrawal of 15 trx. +36 tron total profit. Purchased 5th building yesterday for 3,000 QZT


********11/15 update: withdrawal of 20 trx. +56 profit. Almost 4,000 QZT for 


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