By blazedcookiez | just crypto things | 20 Apr 2022

When BNB was issued in 2017, its public sale price was $0.1. Within 5 years, the price of BNB skyrocketed to roughly $700 at its highest, which generated a net return of 7,000 times to its earliest investors.


Here are the three reasons why you should choose MemeBank.

  • First, we put our community FIRST by distributing 100% of the trading fee back to the community as holder dividends and referral rewards. Any form of conviction to the project is fairly rewarded.


  • Secondly, MemeBank adopts a vote-to-list mechanism system to replace the traditional pay-to-list system. At MemeBank, you the users are the one to decide which project to list with your vote of confidence. If a project raises a sufficient amount of votes, MemeBank will list their tokens for free on our platform.


  • Furthermore, MemeBank heavily focuses on marketing and promotion. Many of you should have already witnessed the rapid growth of our telegram members lately, don’t get excited just yet, this trend will continue for at least another quarter.


  • BNB’s public sale price was $0.1 and it now worths $415, how much do you think $MBK will worth in the next 5 years?


  • Following the rapid popularization of cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges are undoubtedly one of the fastest growing sub-sectors of our time. MemeBank aims to become the next blackhorse in the field by laser-focusing on the listing and trading of meme and alt-coins. Check out our website and whitepaper to learn about our vote-to-list system and what makes MemeBank the most starter and startup friendly exchange the industry has ever seen.


  • Upon the launch of Presale, MemeBank has been audited by Certik and Hacken, two of the top-tier agencies in the blockchain industry. Its airdrop event has also received considerable attention from major media outlets including but not limited to Cointelegraph, Market Watch and Yahoo Finance.


  • The upside potential of MemeBank and $MBK is conceivable and straight-forward, bank with memebank today to earn now and in the future!


You can read more about it on the website and can join the airdrop/presale with my referral link below 


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