Venezuela: Prepaid VISA Card With Cryptocurrencies

Venezuela: Prepaid VISA Card With Cryptocurrencies

By Juan Molina | Juan Molina | 18 Nov 2020

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In a previous article I talked about the launch of NFC Cryptocard for Venezuelans by the exchange platform Cryptobuyer.

This company recently crystallized this project through the possibility for Venezuelans to obtain VISA Credit Cards, prepaid with cryptocurrencies.

People who have this VISA card will be able to recharge it using the cryptocurrencies authorized for exchange within the platform:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • DASH
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Theter USD (ERC20)
  • DAI
  • Binance Coin and Binace USD
  • Cryptobuyer Token (XPT - Native Token)


The card application/delivery process contemplates a period of 30 days, which could be prolonged as a result of logistical limitations caused by the pandemic by COVID-19.

This financial instrument service is available not only for Venezuela but for other Latin American countries with the exception of Cuba and represents an opportunity of great value for Venezuelans since the amount recharged to these cards is immediately converted to dollars, passing to the available balance represented in American currency.

Application Process.

It is very simple, we only have to access the Cryptobuyer platform, register and perform the account verification (KYC).

Then in the dashboard, we access the option VISA Cryptobuyer Card and we accept the terms and conditions.



The application fees are applied to cover the initial cost of issuing the plastic of the card and they are not refundable.
Card Issue: 40.0 USD
Card renewal from the second year: 15.0 USD
Commission for payment in shops: Free
Recharge commission: 3%


Venezuelans have learned to appreciate the value of cryptocurrencies, many of us have adopted them as part of our daily economy and also as a way to protect our heritage from the effects of devaluation and uncontrolled inflation that plagues the economy of our country.

The fact of having a financial instrument of this nature provides a great benefit to the Venezuelan population for two main aspects:

Initially, we would be learning a new way to bring the value and power of cryptocurrencies to our daily lives, through the implementation of an instrument as basic and elementary as a credit card.

On the other hand, by converting the balance deposited with crypto into dollars, our capital would be protected from the devaluation of the national currency while we obtain the flexibility of a universal currency such as the US Dollar. This would also allow making purchases online and with the dollarization process of the national bank (which is in full swing) it would also be possible to obtain dollars in cash at ATMs. Not to mention that VISA is a brand accepted in almost all businesses in the world.

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Juan Molina
Juan Molina

I'm passionate about everything related to Crypto and Blockchain

Juan Molina
Juan Molina

I'm passionate about everything related to Crypto and Blockchain

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