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By Juan Molina | Juan Molina | 5 Oct 2019


We are currently living the era of information overload. An unthinkable fact a few years ago. The users of the information (increasing every second exponentially) we find ourselves in a universe of ads that expands before our eyes, the "clicking" becomes inevitable. Alienating ads, junk advertising, lack of ethics on the part of advertisers, all this inevitably causes us a saturation that prevents us from moving towards the objectives we have proposed, be they individual or collective as an organization; by mere information saturation. This phenomenon especially affects knowledge professionals, almost all directors in an organization and by extension all Internet users to a greater or lesser extent. I think that in general few people get away.
Thus, today we find ourselves with an oversaturated network, full of information (often useless, erroneous or incomplete) and annoying and unusable advertising (spam, banners, pop-ups). In such an environment, the search for specific information becomes difficult and the subsequent classification of the information by its correction, quality, etc. It takes a lot of work. Companies are the biggest problems to find the information they need between so many millions of data.
All these actions have generated a situation of relevance in the "health of the Internet user" causing an informative stress and in response, this has had to implement the use of filters for all this avalanche of ads that cause an inevitable infoxication.




It is logical if when we search for any information in Google we find, for example, 650,000 results. Who is able to read more than 4 or 5 results sheets? Who has enough time to check if the data is real? Moreover, has anyone verified that there are actually 650,000 results? And already, to top it off, does anyone really care if instead of 650,000 there are 520,000?


Although advertising as a means of diffusion goes back to ancient times, it is nowadays when its importance and importance gain greater strength thanks to the media. Nowadays we can see and hear advertising everywhere, when traveling by car we can see billboards and at the same time listen to the radio advertising and propaganda claims, when reading a newspaper or magazine we find advertisements, while we browse the Internet we see banners , ads and even we can make virtual visits of hotels, factories, cities just for the purpose of selling us a product.

Publicity in the same way that social media exerts an enormous influence on men as it is often manipulated by advertising media to acquire a product. Advertising has a powerful force of persuasion, modeling attitudes and behavior in the world today.

Today, advertising is the key to financing and sustaining the mass media in developed free market societies.
The volume of resources destined for advertising is growing incessantly in developed countries. A complete industry has been forged: advertising agencies, marketing agencies, public relations companies. Advertising is aimed at large groups of people and is often resorted to when the direct transaction from seller to buyer is ineffective.

Advertising can have a local, national or international scope. The prices of an advertising campaign will depend on its scope of implementation. They will also vary depending on what is advertised: leisure, legal, political, financial, religious issues or announcements aimed at collecting donations to finance charitable or humanitarian activities.
In summary, the advertising objectives are:

  • Product / brand / company notoriety.
  • Publicize the advantages or benefits of the product.
  • Develop brand positioning.
  • Educate / inform on how to use the product.
  • Generate or modify attitudes.
  • Develop purchase motivations.




The implementation of Kind Ads allows to reach these bases with great effectiveness since its main mission is to create the first genuine online advertising market of the 21st century.

With $ 20MM in funds and a capable team, Kind Ads hopes to put in the hands of content producers, advertisers and end users, all the power that advertising intermediaries have up to now. There is a clear possibility of eliminating the intermediaries between the publishers and the end user since it is based on the Blockchain technology, which allows the business to be directly connected with its target demographic group, this directly affects the scope of the advertising effectiveness which is it is improved in a forceful way.

A main aspect of the advantages offered by Kind Ads is to improve the experience of users, who are often invaded by intrusive and irrelevant advertising, spam ads of products and services that they do not need.




With the implementation of the Kind Ads Ecosystem, the user of a website is given a more user-friendly experience through advertisements of real interest through automatic notifications and emails. Email is the most adopted method to create an audience for online publishers. It is well known that there is a robust ecosystem to communicate with subscribers through email, however there is currently no access platform for advertisers and publishers to perform direct transactions and exchange access to subscribers.

Kind Ads will allow advertisers to reach an audience through the email lists of the reviewed publisher partners.
It is anticipated that the first major implementation of applications in the Kind Ads Ecosystem will be Push Notifications. Subscribers, a market leader in push notification technology, will be a launch partner and will be working with the Leadchain Foundation to implement this functionality, through which advertisers can use KIND Tokens to access the publisher base on the platform .

This is how Kind Ads will consolidate itself in the digital advertising market

  • Providing a decentralized quality and reputation qualification for domains and publishers.
  • Creating a decentralized network for advertisers to make transactions with publishers to obtain subscriber access.
  • Assigning a group of rewards with token tokens.
  • Allowing a list of voluntary exclusion for users and thus help maintain quality.
  • Processing reconciliations and daily payments that allow publishers to be more aggressive in reinvestment.
  • Empowering small quality editors by interacting directly with them.
  • The Kind Ads Ecosystem does not charge any fees, which contrasts with what most networks charge.


Fluidity in Token Exchange

Since the marketing strategy implemented is based on the Ethereum Blockchain platform, advertisers, producers and end users can establish the terms of participation through intelligent contracts and allow the decentralized trust protocol to handle all the details. KIND is an ERC20 compatible token built on the Ethereum blockchain and is defined by an intelligent open source contract. These tokens can be used in all types of transactions in the Kind Ads Ecosystem. The chips can be used to pay publishers on a daily basis, used by advertisers to buy ads from publishers on the network, used by users to opt in and out of the Kind advertisement ecosystem and used to allocate the pool reward daily for publishers, users and application providers.

By choosing Publishers, advertisers can buy tokens to access the publisher's database. Once the ads have been tested, the editors can make any token transfer.

The publishers register in Kind Ads Ecosystem verifying their domain. Then they can anonymously share their Kind Ads score. By having complete autonomy, they choose the partners of the application and the advertisers with whom they interact. Daily tokens are assigned to impressions of published ads and to the rewards group.

Each user receives a free token when they opt for the platform, to which they provide the data they feel comfortable sharing. The more complete the information, the better the token is. Each piece of information has value, both for the end user who supplies it and for content producers and advertisers who use targeted advertising. By providing full profiles, end users are rewarded with a small part of the value generated in the marketing campaign.

Decentralization and Demographic Potential


Currently the voracious and dizzying world of finance has invaded internet marketing, to the point of considering the human being (potential client for any branch of finance) as another brick on the wall. Simple chips or cards that are played and exchanged, items that are sold according to the needs of the applicant. As in any market always survives the most capable, who best suits. Innovation is the spearhead.   When it has reached the point of monopolizing the profiles of large masses of users by global corporations such as Google and Facebook, it is time to propose an alternative, it is not about competing against these giants, on the contrary, this alternative could be adopted by these large companies in the not too distant future.   The news of digital markets is supported by Blockchain, so it should not be surprising that the alternative we seek is also supported on this platform. The benefits of decentralization, collaboration, transparent finances and fair play where everyone benefits is the future that many are betting on. With Kind Ads this can be a tangible reality for the digital advertising universe.   Direct contact between advertisers and publishers, as well as between publishers and subscribers without the need for a prior relationship. Evaluate the information provided by users, rewarding them. Provide a pleasant experience, respecting the Human Being. They are invaluable factors in this world of finance.


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Juan Molina
Juan Molina

I'm passionate about everything related to Crypto and Blockchain

Juan Molina
Juan Molina

I'm passionate about everything related to Crypto and Blockchain

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