Bitcoin VS USA

Bitcoin VS USA

By JP Crypto | JPCrypto | 18 Jun 2020

The Pentagon, Donald Trump and Generation Z

Since 2018, several Washington representatives have expressed their hostile stance towards Bitcoin and Crypto Assets, citing concerns about its use for illicit activities, as if the current system of funding was no longer being used, and more so, within a host of criminal activities and for money laundering. The U. S. Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, and President Donald Trump are trying to convince us that the currencies backed by the world's central banks are not used outside the law, nor by bad actors within the global economy.

Their public statements against cryptocurrencies and Crypto-Assets demonstrate their fears of losing control of money creation and the hegemony of the dollar.

The Pentagon seen from an airplane over Washington D.C., the United States. XINHUA NEWS AGENCY/GETTY IMAGES

Documents obtained by The Intercept reveal that the U. S. Department of Defense has discussed scenarios involving a Generation Z (born after 1996) rebellion that uses active crypto to attack the “establishment".

The documents reveal the U.S. Department of Defence has seriously considered the possibility bitcoin could be used by future rebellions.  THE INTERCEPT / THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE

What about you? Will you join the Generation Z (Zbellion) that uses Bitcoin and Crypto Assets to undermine and evade “establishment" or do you trust the current financial system and its players more?

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