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Boot Camp Week 9, Non-Technical Recap

By Mike Bivens | Journey to Web3 | 10 Apr 2022

This last week I spent most of my time focused on the technical learnings, it's a busy moment in my life and I have plenty of competing expectations for my time and energy. While I can keep up with article readings, technical learnings, and projects; concessions have to be made and for a while I will have to back off on informational interviews unless they can take the form of text-based conversations. 

<usual_enterance> If you're new here I'm creating this blog series as I go from coding newbie to working in web3. I'm creating this to reflect on the technical and non-technical growth and to leave it behind for others who might be interested in how they can follow a similar path. </usual_enterance>


tweet every day about at least one web3 article, here are the biggest takeaways from those articles this week;

  • Crypto is digital money and some of its key concepts include;
    • Transferability
    • Security
    • Transparency
    • Portability
  • Crypto money transfers differ from traditional services because of;
    • No Middle-Men
    • Fast as Lightning
    • High-Level Security
    • Always Available, from Anywhere, to Anyone
  • Achieving mainstream use may require some adjustments to data privacy
  • Adhering to Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS) could build the trust needed to bring in broader adoption
  • Cross-chain portability is a vital component of crypto and key to its longevity
  • Furthering transparency and accountability in crypto will only drive mainstream adoption and broaden opportunities

And you can find my sources here;

Chainlink Spring Hackathon

No new progress was made for the hackathon beyond some internal discussions about our top choices for what to build. The start of the hackathon is April 22nd so it is coming quickly and we will need to settle on a final choice soon. We have been sharing resources to help prep, things like articles and tutorials. I am excited about this event and the many learning opportunities it will present but as this will be the first web3 application anyone on the team will have built I am attempting to contain expectations while also being open to the opportunity.

What's Next?

Looking ahead this week; it will be the second week of crypto-focused articles and the team will need to decide what we want to build during the Chainlink Spring Hackathon. This is going to be a big week because at the end I will be taking the first attempt at the Python stack final exam. I have three attempts to pass this exam and I have to receive a high enough grade to continue with the boot camp. 

If you'd like to join the learning community I'm building on Discord for web3, you can find the link for that here. It's a space that I am trying to build for myself and others to share their growing knowledge of all things web3. 

You can also find me here:

LinkedIn | GitHub | Twitter |  My Website 

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Mike Bivens
Mike Bivens

Operator in the Web3 space. Freelance Project Management Metaverse Partnership Development and Event Management https://www.msbivens.com/

Journey to Web3
Journey to Web3

I am using this blog to talk about my experiences from pre-software development boot camp towards entering the Web3 ecosystem. I'll share thoughts and what I'm learning, reflect on the journey, and share informational interviews for others to follow along.

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