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Boot Camp Week 4, Technical Recap

By Mike Bivens | Journey to Web3 | 5 Mar 2022

Another week down in the Coding Dojo and it was the final week of Web Fundamentals. With Python starting on Monday, I'm feeling a mix of nervousness and excitement. I've made it further than I ever have in self-directed study and I feel like I have a strong grasp of the materials but there's always some nervousness when approaching something this big. I'm looking forward to combining the skills and knowledge from the first four weeks with what I'll learn with the Python Stack over the next 8 weeks. 

If you're new here, this blog is part of a series where I cover my journey from a coding newbie to working in web3 and I'm sharing the technical and non-technical knowledge I learn from my software development boot camp, individual studies, and informational interviews every week until I've landed a job in web 3. I'm creating this to show others the path I took and maybe give them a helping hand in finding their own path. 


This week was a lot of reviews and further practice with the previously learned JavaScript. This included material reviews and assignment practice with loops, conditions, arrays, and operators. The new material covered included:


Allows the calling of values using words rather than values like an array. These words are referred to as "key value pairs"

// object
var hamburger = {
    // key value pairs
    "bun": "sesame",
    "protein": "hamburger",
    "cheese": "jalepeno chedder",


Used to refer to whatever the object that it is a part of. 

var hamburger = {
    "bun": "sesame",
    "protein": "burger",
    "cheese": "jalepeno chedder",
    "MyBurgerOrder": function() {
        console.log("hamburger: " + this.bun);
        console.log("hamburger: " + this.protein);
        console.log("hamburger: " + this.cheese);

Debugging with Node.js

Overview of using the debugging feature with node.js in visual studio code, to be honest, I'm not sure what to put here to reflect the knowledge gained other than my code works (feel free to test that assumption at your earliest convenience).


Differs from querySelector because this one finds all matching elements rather than just the first.

var animals = document.querySelectorAll(".animals");
function findAnimals(){
    for(var i=0; i<animals.length; i++) {
        animals[i].style.animals = animals[i].innerText;


Intro crash course from Coding Dojo for APIs and AJAX was helpful but just that, an intro crash course. Thankfully, entering Python stack on Monday and beginning to experiment with projects will mean a more in-depth learning and familiarity will be built. 


Another quick intro from Coding Dojo on Bootstrap, this was in the advanced topics section so it wasn't required to finish our web fundamentals course. I want to get into building a couple of test sites to get familiar with this framework so I'll probably start to try and build the Web 3 connect website with it.

Reminder about that Discord learning community, it's a space for people interested in learning more about web3 topics in a community environment that I am starting. This is not a community focused on learning how to be a dev, rather just learning about the technology and what it can do so it's a space for everyone!


The learning for this was mostly a review of JS fundamentals (variables, loops, conditionals, etc.) but also included some new concepts like the Math library and nested arrays. There are a few practice assignments that I threw into my GitHub. I'm going to leave this section short for this week because I have so much to still be learning and understanding that I should really be spending the time used to write this article on practicing algos. There's an optional algo learning session every Saturday that I'm joining so that should prove pretty helpful and I will likely give LeetCode a try this week.

What's Next?

Well, I've still got a few advanced topics and additional practices left from the web fundamentals to go through when I have the time but Python starts on Monday. So outside of algo practice and working through the Python stack education, I will try to continue to commit time to work through the backlog. Truthfully, I have hit some snag in my time by helping others understand the material. This has been both positive and challenge presenting; positive because if I can help others understand it that means I understand it, challenge presenting because it does take up the time I am needed to advance through my other materials. I don't mind this but I will need to learn how to manage this assistance time with time for myself as I enter the Python Stack. 

Think there's something I should know or learn about? Share it in the comments below!

If you'd like to join the learning community I'm building on Discord. I'm trying to build a space for myself and others to share their growing knowledge of all things web3. You can find the link for that here.

You can also find me here:

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Mike Bivens
Mike Bivens

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Journey to Web3
Journey to Web3

I am using this blog to talk about my experiences from pre-software development boot camp towards entering the Web3 ecosystem. I'll share thoughts and what I'm learning, reflect on the journey, and share informational interviews for others to follow along.

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