Your Psychology Determines Your Earnings ...

Your Psychology Determines Your Earnings ...


In this period of time when the cryptocurrency markets were very unhappy, I am sure there were some of you who were not patient and disposed of their cryptocurrencies. For this reason, I decided to detail the investor profiles I mentioned in my previous article. I hope you will analyze your own profile well and shape your investments accordingly.

If you're ready, let's start … ?


First, let's look at what Investor Psychology Profiles are… ?

Every investor has different financial goals and risk tolerances. In addition, each investor's needs and financial prospects are a balancing act between risk and return. That's why psychologists began to do detailed analyzes to classify different types of investors.

One of the leading analyzes; Nine Investor Psychology Profile classifications…

It is a classification produced by Kathleen Gurney of the Financial Psychology Corporation that highlights the style of money and how individuals respond emotionally to financial decisions.

The nine distinct personality groups identified were developed from his research on why people earn, spend, save and invest as they do. It is therefore a general financial typography, but has a special relevance to investing.

Let's take a closer look at the nine identified groups of people...

Security Invertors; Investors who choose the path of least resistance seek safety and security first and do what has worked before.

Enterprising Investors; It is a particularly male-dominated profile, driven by a passion for excellence and commitment and not motivated by money in itself. Financial success is a scorecard, and the cryptocurrency markets are a place to practice and demonstrate that success.

Optimistic Investors; They are investors who are not risk-focused, often close to retirement, seeking peace of mind, who do not want to be too involved in their own financial management as this will cause stress and reduce their enjoyment of life.

Hunter Investors; Usually educated, high earning, has an impulsive streak, 'live now attitude'. Like entrepreneurs, they have a strong work ethic but lack the same self-confidence. They attribute their success to luck rather than talent.

Successful Investors; These conservative, risk-averse investors like to feel in control of their money, putting the safety and protection of their assets as their top priority. They are usually married, well-educated, high-income people, and find that hard work and hard work bring more financial rewards than investments.

Perfectionist Investors; Fear of making financial mistakes, they tend to avoid investment decisions altogether. They lack confidence and self-esteem and don't take pride in handling financial matters, finding every conceivable excuse not to take action. For them, no investment is faultless.

Prolific Investors; Extremely committed to their work, they may earn less due to a lack of self-confidence in money management. And with a lack of basic financial knowledge, they may have fewer funds to invest in. They do not appreciate how to properly assess risk.

High Risk Invertors; Thrill seekers, power seekers, creative and extroverts, work hard and play hard. They have to make high-risk investments with a large part of their assets. Financial security bores them – even if their actions have dangerous financial consequences.

Master Investors; These investors tend to have a balanced financial outlook that provides satisfaction and security.

My Last Words; No investment is made by trial and error. Investing is a combination of science and life. Investor psychology is as important as fundamental and technical analysis in investing. A trader should definitely consider their own psychology when looking at chart movements or the cryptocurrency's bullish/fall ratio.

The most important aspect of investing is creating the right basket. He should consider whether there is a conflict between his portfolio and his personal psychology. None of us are complete or perfect beings and we continue to learn throughout our lives. At the end of this journey in which we started to get to know ourselves, it is useful to keep in mind that our portfolio can thank us.


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