Store of Value Bitcoin ...

Store of Value Bitcoin ...


Hello My Friends, these days when we start to hear the footsteps of Taurus, I would like to tell you about why cryptocurrencies are valuable and their future. With the emergence of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies that have turned the traditional financial system upside down and are considered a new investment tool have many roles and functions. I will talk about the concept of "Store of Value" for cryptocurrencies.

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First of all, what is Store of Value ... ?

Store of Value; It refers to the ability of an asset to maintain its purchasing power and value over time. This concept has applied to many different asset classes throughout history, and often people have used it to store their assets to meet future needs.
Traditionally, people have sought to protect their value by investing it in precious metals such as gold, physical assets such as real estate, or stable currencies. However, with the emergence of cryptocurrencies, this traditional approach has undergone a significant change. Cryptocurrencies, as digital assets, can serve as Store of Value.



Store of Value ...

Why can Cryptocurrencies be used as Store of Value...?

Limited Supply; The fact that many cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have a limited supply is considered an important factor in maintaining their value. Limited supply can cause the value to rise when demand increases. Limited supply plays a critical role in preserving and potentially increasing the value of cryptocurrencies. This feature means that many cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, can be produced within a certain upper limit. For example, the total supply of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million units.

Portability; Cryptocurrencies can be moved quickly from anywhere in the world because they are digital assets. This allows investors to easily manage their cryptocurrencies and use them worldwide. The portability of cryptocurrencies is one of the most notable advantages of these digital assets. Because they are digital, cryptocurrencies do not have a physical form and can be managed with a device with internet access. This allows cryptocurrencies to be quickly transportable around the world and brings many advantages.

Security; Cryptocurrencies are stored in blockchain networks protected by strong encryption technology. Therefore, it has an advantage over traditional assets in terms of security.

Low Storage Cost; Since cryptocurrencies do not have a physical form, storage costs are quite low. They do not require physical locations such as bank accounts or safes.

Convenience and Access; Cryptocurrencies can be easily used and accessed by their owners. Unlike traditional assets, cryptocurrencies can be accessed 24/7.

It is also necessary to mention the risks of Cryptocurrencies with Store of Value...

Although cryptocurrencies have their appeal as a Store of Value, they also carry some risks ...

Volatility (sudden fluctuations in value); It is important to deal with factors such as legal regulations, security threats and market uncertainty. Investors should evaluate the risks and determine an investment strategy that suits their needs.

Regulation (legal regulations); Cryptocurrencies are assets that are not yet fully regulated. This may increase the risks they face in the future.

My Last Words; "Store of Value" function of cryptocurrencies has the potential to change the traditional financial system. However, investors should be careful in this area, evaluate the risks and create a portfolio management strategy that suits their needs. Understanding the balance of return and risk of cryptocurrencies is important for anyone interested in these new digital assets.

As I always say; Listen to everyone, decide for yourself... Good Luck


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Journey To The Cryptocurrency Ocean

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