Squid Nft World And BiSwap ...

Squid Nft World And BiSwap ...


Hello my friends… We will take a break from our story for a while and I would like to talk about an event that I consider important…

“Squid NFT World”, a fast-growing Decentralized exchange with the support of Binance, the Biswap Play-to-Earn event will be held on December 22-29.




Before going into the details of this event, let's get to know Biswap briefly...




It is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) running on Binance Smart Chain with three types of referral systems and the lowest fees in the industry.
Users can stake LP coins further to get rewards made by depositing and locking LP coins. This is known as Farming and is rewarded by the system with BSW tokens. Tokens can be excluded from betting with a zero holding time. A user can also stake BSW tokens on Launchpools to earn additional BSW tokens.

Click the link to try and review…

Let's get to the details of the event;

GameFi is currently among the hottest topics in the blockchain community. The Biswap team is launching the “Squid NFT World” event on December 22-29 on Binance Smart Chain to develop the community on this topic. With this event, Biswap wants to enter the world of Metaverse.


Biswap “Squid NFT World” will bring opportunity for every player to get huge crypto returns.

Biswap GameFi is based on the implementation of NFTs required for gaming and used for various purposes. The game is pretty simple and requires few actions.

To participate in the players' "Squid NFT World" event, you must meet 5 conditions;




Mint NFT Bus
Mint NFT Player(s)
Activate the Contract for each Player
Staked BSW tokens in the BSW Launchpools on Biswap
Play Games

To participate in this event, you must first have a BiSwap token BSW. You can get BSW tokens from the link I gave …


Let's examine the details of the event a little bit;

Mint Bus; NFT Buses play an important role and are the first in-game items. You need a bus to start your journey on the unique and lucrative “Squid NFT World” adventure. Their main task is to transport their players into the game.
On Binance smart Chain, the price of a bus is fixed. Buses are randomly generated to differ from level 1 to 5. Each Bus level has a different capacity. A bus can carry a maximum of 5 players. You will also be able to easily trade your NFT Buses.

Mint Player; The next action you need to take is to mint your NFT Players. Players are the primary game items, you send them to the games and if you win they earn you money…
NFT Players are minted with “Squid Energy” on a random level from 1 to 5 and a random number strength that will allow your player to take part in the games. NFT players you press can be traded. More details about NFT Players and their rules will be announced when the game launches.




Create a Contract for Your Player

In order for the player to send it to the games, you need to activate the Contract. There are different contract durations that define the length of time your player will participate in the games: 15, 30 or 60 days.
Once the contract expires, you must renew it to play with your players. By the way, the longer the Contract you choose, the more affordable the activation price!

Power for your Squid Energy NFTs

“Squid Energy” indicates the power of the NFT player.
Each NFT in Biswap GameFi has a certain amount of Squid Energy. Squid Energy will determine if your player has enough to participate in the games. The more SEs the game needs, the more valuable crypto rewards you will receive when you win…
You can send each of your NFT Players to the game every 48 hours. NFT cards you use to enter a game consume all Squid Energy. After the game is over, spent NFTs need 48 hours to recharge their Squid Energy.

Main game
Several games will be available in the Base Game from the very beginning. Each game will have its own entry point in the form of “Squid Energies” and a minimum BSW stake in Launchpool (Stake BSW - Win BSW). Each game displays the amount of “Squid Energy” required to start and the staked BSW tokens. The more Squid Energy the game needs, the more rewards you can get for successful completion.


Staff Game



It is very advantageous for all users as the entrance cost to the game will be very low. It will also generate massive crypto income with up to 10% 000 APR and increase your assets in the blink of an eye…

Spectacular $100,000+ Bonus

Big prizes await players in Biswap Squid NFT World… A great Jackpot will give you a lucky chance to increase your crypto holdings significantly. The biggest prize in Squid NFT World is a large fund of BSW 100 000+.

Between us, additional rewards may be announced as the event approaches...

My friends, I think you should mark the date of December 22 in your agenda… I think it will be an exciting event…

In addition, Biswap has started to stand out as a continuously developing decentralized exchange…

You need to decide: Will you be the light or those who wait in the dark…?

I greet you all with love and respect. See you …

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