Social Intelligence For Cryptocurrencies ...

Social Intelligence For Cryptocurrencies ...


Social media plays an important role in the development of cryptocurrencies. Much of the growth and popularity in the cryptocurrency industry comes from interacting with social media.

As the diversity of cryptocurrencies increases and blockchain technology develops, their interaction with each other has also increased. Social media is most people's news platform.

People invest in cryptocurrencies according to the intensity of interactions on social networks.

People have to follow the cryptocurrencies they want to invest and/or invest in, one by one, through their social media channels. They constantly feel the need to keep the notifications of applications such as twitter, telegram, instgram, reddit, discord open. This makes the investor psychologically tired.

In addition, while he is busy keeping track of the cryptocurrency he invests, other opportunities may be missed.

So what should be done...?

The thing to do is very simple ... Become a free member of Lunacrush (LUNR) ...




What is LunarCrush... ?

Lunacrush (LUNR); It is a social intelligence platform for cryptocurrency investors. It aims to reveal valuable information that you can use to make reliable, data-driven trading decisions. It is not possible to understand everything by browsing the web yourself. In a world where millions of crypto-specific content are created daily, LunarCrush helps determine value in crypto markets.

How does Lunacrush (LUNR) help investors...?

Discover the activity that moves the crypto market through 25+ social and market metrics

Understand which individuals in crypto are most influential in real time and over time

Receive customized, real-time social and market alerts for your favorite cryptocurrencies.

Build your first socially-focused portfolio to gain community insights on what matters most to you.

Review your favorite cryptocurrencies, influencers and exchanges to personalize your experience.

Learn about your own social activity and allows you to see where you stack up against the community...


Lunacrush (LUNR); It wants to empower ordinary individuals with the same data and information that professionals have access to.

The power of online conversation and its impact on markets has become apparent in recent years. It brings us real-time data on how communities in the cryptocurrency industry grow, shrink and change over time.

The best way to fully learn and use LunarCrush is to bookmark projects you're currently following, add assets to your portfolio, follow us on Twitter, and engage with our growing community.


What metrics are used in LunarCrush (LUNR) ... ?

Key metrics

Galaxy Score; The past performance of a cryptocurrency.

AltRank; The performance of a cryptocurrency against the market.

Correlation rank; Social Volume, Market Cap, and Price of a coin moving in the same direction? The Correlation Rank answers this for you. The Correlation Rank means that the Social, Trade, and Price metrics all rise together.

Social metrics

Social volume, Social engagement, Social contributors, Social dominance, Average sentiment, Feeling up, Feeling down, Links shared, Twitter, Reddit, Medium, Youtube, News, Spam volume ...

Trading Metrics

Market capitalization, Market dominance, Volatility

How to Customize LunarCrush (LUNR) ... ?




Create your favorite cryptocurrencies (Star icon); You will see a star icon on the LunarCrush website and mobile apps. Just tap the star icon; You can add any cryptocurrency, exchange or impressive to your favorites list.

Add alerts(Bell icon); You can create an alert with the criteria presented to you step by step by tapping the bell icon in Lunarcrush. You can increase these alerts as your level increases.

Portfolio creation in LunarCrush; It allows you to keep track of your cryptocurrency assets.

Your Profile Strength; It builds trust and transparency across the LunarCrush community by rewarding your loyalty and expertise. Profile strength helps you create a more personalized experience on your crypto journey.


The Lunacrush platform has a token called LUNR. It is a token created on the Zilliqa Blockchain. It is also defined in ETH and BNB Blockchains. Users earn 1 or 2 LUNR token daily according to their level by doing various tasks. There are weekly rewards based on your level.
You can trade on MEXC, Okcoin, AscendEX centralized exchanges and UniSwap, ZilSwap, ApeSwap decentralized exchanges with the Lunr tokens you earn listed. There is also a reference system.

Total Supply is 250 million.

lunr price

Source by CoinGecko

Like all newly released cryptocurrencies, the give of airdrops to its users fell after the sale. I think its current price is low when I consider the service it provides... Its current price is around 0.4$ ... 


Lunarcrush Levels...



Your level increases according to the amount of LUNR tokens you collect in the application. If you want, you can transfer the LUNR tokens you have obtained from the exchanges to your account. So your level goes up so you get more benefits from weekly rewards and features...


A notification was made on LunarCrush (LUNR) telegram that they will launch the stake program in a few weeks. This will be positive for the price of the coin.


My Last Words; You can easily keep track of the cryptocurrency you invest or plan to invest in. You can set an alarm, follow your profile, and read the news with the filters offered. In short, the entire cryptocurrency market is at your fingertips. I update login information daily. I also get my reward tokens. Lunarcrush has Android and IOS mobile applications. It is easy to use. Prize coins are distributed every 24 hours. You have to wait 7 days for weekly rewards. I recommend using ZilPay Wallet which supports Zilliqa Blockchain. I use it. I didn't have any trouble.

Good luck !!!


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