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Tezos ( XTZ ) aims to create a decentralized blockchain that can manage itself by establishing a truly digital society. Combined with their common interests and interests, this digital community aims to further develop the platform by making joint decisions with Tezos ( XTZ ) tokens.

Tezos ( XTZ ) was started to be developed in 2014 by a group of software developers led by Arthur Breitman and Kathleen Breitman. In 2017, they raised a total of $ 232 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The fund is managed by the Swiss-based Tezos Foundation. The Tezos Foundation aims to withdraw itself at the decision point with the increasing power of Tezos Token users in management.

Tezos ( XTZ ) is a smart contract platform like Ethereum. It is allowed to make changes to the platform separately from the Ethereum smart contract system. Thus, it ensures that the necessary regulation for the needs that may arise over time can be made within itself, not by hard fork, but by the decisions of the digital society.


Why Tezos (XTZ) ?

Tezos ( XTZ ) is a smart contract platform. The most important point that distinguishes this platform from other blockchain systems is that the project developments are made with the approval of the digital community that has been created and it allows development to be made when deemed necessary. System development cannot be done in blockchain systems such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, and this causes hard forks in these networks.

In the Tezos ( XTZ ) platform, the necessary improvements are determined by the software developers and submitted to the voting of the Tezos digital community. The Tezos community makes donations with the Tezos ( XTZ ) token to the development it deems necessary and the project of the software developer that collects the highest donation is made. Thus, software developments are carried out in the direction desired by the society and software developers receive an award for this work.


Since the first day of its development, the Tezos ( XTZ ) platform has enabled mining with the authorized Proof-of-Stake ( PoS ) system instead of Proof-of-Work ( PoW ), unlike the Ethereum and Bitcoin system. PoW used in systems such as Bitcoin and Ethereum causes a serious electricity consumption. In Tezos ( XTZ ) authorized PoS mining, it is sufficient to have sufficient Tezos ( XTZ ) in your wallet. There is no need for any device or electricity consumption for Tezos ( XTZ ) mining. Mining is done virtual.


Latest News

Tezos ‘Delphi’ Upgrade Slashes Gas Costs by 75%. The new “Delphi” upgrade on Tezos has made the blockchain significantly more attractive for DeFi applications.

Tezos-Based Coronavirus Aid Program, in the town of Wetzikon in Switzerland, was launched. Ecoo was designed to help organizations such as governments and event organizers distribute allocated funds in the form of coins and points. In addition, the application was built on the Tezos blockchain through a collaboration between Swiss firms Papers AG and many subsidiaries of Farner Consulting AG.

Banking giant Société Générale will use Tezos to test a Central Banking Digital Currency (CBDC) for France. This test is the first important test for a CBDC in Europe. France's central bank forces the country to become Europe's first country to have such a currency.




Tezos ( XTZ ) is taking firm steps forward with the strong community support behind it. It offers a different blockchain in Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. It could not benefit from the positive developments and upward trend in Tezos in recent months. Its current price is around $ 2.3. The highest price in its history is $ 8.82.The important reason for this is that it takes some effort to gain the trust of investors. My opinion will be mentioned frequently in 2021.

As I always said, listen to everyone, decide for yourself...


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