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Hello to my friends who love life and keep smiling despite all negativity. In this article, I will talk about "SCALPEX", a strong player in the futures market.
Let's start to navigate the depths of derivatives trading with Scalpex.




Scalpex is a Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform that offers leveraged buy and sell contracts. All purchases and sales only take place between users.

Scalpex has the lowest commissions on the market. It offers leverage up to x100, an enterprise-grade matching engine, industry-leading security and automated strategy options to launch based on various trading bots.

It is a crypto platform of the Scalpex platform. Therefore, your profits and losses are only in cryptocurrencies. Fiat currencies are not accepted.

Deposits and Withdrawals
You can easily deposit cryptos in BTC, ETH, XRP and USDT into your account by visiting the balance page. There is no minimum deposit amount. Withdrawals are made once a day through multi-signature cold wallets, after 11:00 UTC.

Scalpex offers direct futures contracts with no expiration date. Contracts are equipped with x3, x10 and x100 leverage options (also known as isolated margin options).

A trade always takes place between a Market Maker and a Market Buyer. The Market Maker is the person whose order appears on the order book. The Market Buyer has the matching order. You can open long or short positions. The Scalpex platform allows both Limit Orders and Market Orders.


The Scalpex platform has been prepared quite simply. You can do what you want to do in a few steps.


Also, Scalpex token (SXE) is available. You can stake this token.

It also has a bonus program. It is not confusing like other exchanges.



If you are interested and interested in futures, all you have to do is to click on the link below and simply become a member to trade at Scalpex, which has a potential for continuous growth.

For the time being, futures are traded with BTC, ETH, XRP and SXE (Scalpex tokens).

In the future, I think it will distribute thank-you tokens to its members who made the transaction, as we saw in UNISWAP and 1INCH.

To keep the SXE token valuable, it burns its token as Binance Exchange does. Incineration will take place in February. This will keep the SXE token valuable.

Become a member of SCALPEX to travel to the future financial system and earn lots of cryptocurrency.

As I always said, listen to everyone, decide for yourself ...

I'm looking forward to your comments. Thanks to your comments, we can shape my next articles together. Let's stay in touch… Take care of yourself so that you and the people around you are happy…

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Journey To The Cryptocurrency Ocean

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

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