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Hello My Friends; The footsteps of the Taurus season have begun to arrive. Baskets started to be made on social media platforms. Analysts started talking about projects that will shine. In the bear market, a bull season is expected for airdrops from projects to be converted into cash. Meanwhile, hacker that want to take your cryptocurrencies started to take action. In this article, you can protect your cryptocurrencies and protect yourself with a few simple methods. If you're ready, let's start …

Use Strong Passwords; It is crucial to use strong passwords to limit access to your crypto wallets and accounts. Change your passwords regularly and use complex combinations that are difficult to guess. Changing the password of your cryptocurrency wallets or accounts every 1 month will protect your account security.

Enable Second Factor Authentication; Enable second factor authentication (2FA) when logging into your crypto accounts. This makes unauthorized access to your account significantly more difficult and provides an additional layer of security. Thanks to two-factor authentication security, anyone who knows your password will not be able to access your cryptocurrency wallets.



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Use Trusted Wallets; Use reliable and secure wallets to store your cryptocurrencies. Options such as hardware wallets or secure software wallets downloaded to your computer can help protect your digital assets. Whether your cryptocurrency wallets are digital or physical, work with reliable and transparent companies. Working with reliable crypto wallet companies will positively affect your service quality.

Beware of Spam Messages; Social engineering attacks are a frequently used tactic. Check your emails and messages for suspicious links and requests, and be wary of phishing. You can provide these controls in multiple ways. You can check whether the person who sent the message or e-mail is real or not, and if it is a real person, you can confirm this by contacting the person through other communication channels. The most important point to pay attention to when it comes to spam messages is the rule of never sharing your password, which you should never forget. Generally, no company or company employee requests your account password information or wallet access codes. This information should not be shared with the company upon request.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi Networks; Avoid accessing your crypto accounts over any public Wi-Fi network. Such networks can put your information at risk. Always use a secure Internet connection. Public Wi-Fi networks are frequently encountered in shopping malls, cafes, parks and public transportation vehicles. It is not healthy and reliable to use these networks except for essential needs.

Current Software and Security Monitoring; Regularly update software and security applications on your devices. Also, quickly detect abnormal activity by monitoring your accounts regularly.

Keep Your Private Keys Private; Never share your private keys, which form the basis of cryptocurrencies, with anyone. These keys provide full control of your digital assets. Under no circumstances should you share your 12-word cryptocurrency wallet codes with anyone.

Store Backups; Back up your important information and private keys. Keep your data safe by using a physical storage device or paper wallet. However, we should not forget that it is better not to rely completely on these backups and that the real backup area is our mind. In the past, many wallets became inaccessible because their stored passwords were forgotten.

Get Information from Reliable Sources; Use reliable sources to get information about cryptocurrency. Beware of fake or misleading information. Follow reliable and proven researchers and the agenda.

My Last Words; Staying safe in the cryptocurrency world requires being careful and conscious. By following the protection methods mentioned above, you can keep your cryptocurrencies safe and protected from possible hacker attacks. Remember that thousands of hackers who want to take your cryptocurrencies are waiting for you to make a mistake...

As I always say; Listen to everyone, decide for yourself... Good Luck...

Luck does not help those who do not want to work. Sophocles

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Journey To The Cryptocurrency Ocean

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

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