How Do We Get Cryptocurrency ... ?

How Do We Get Cryptocurrency ... ?


People work to survive. While they continue their daily lives with the earnings they earn as a result of these efforts, they want to feel safe by turning some of their earnings into investments. Some deposit them in banks, others buy commodities such as gold. Others (this rate is currently low) invest in cryptocurrencies, which are the financing products of blockchain technology, in which the new world order is created. Interest in cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day, but the most important question on the minds of new investors is “the security of their cryptocurrencies” … ?

This is a legitimate question especially for the new investor… ?

You can safely protect your cryptocurrencies with simple actions to be taken …

If you're ready, let's start …

First of all, you are a new investor, you want to invest in cryptocurrency markets, what should you do… ? Let's explain step by step...

First Actions;

You must install active antivirus software on the computer and/or phone you will operate on.

Antivirus software; are computer programs used to block, detect, and disable malicious software.

For a secure internet connection, you must install an active VPN application...

Virtual Private Network (VPN); In its most basic sense, it is a service that allows you to hide your real IP address and connect to the internet through a different IP address. VPN secures your connection and also ensures that you cannot be identified by encrypting your connection when connecting to any network.

Second Actions;

You must be registered with a cryptocurrency exchange operating legally in your country. Then you should make the security settings in the stock market;

Do your KYC confirmation...

Know Your Customer (KYC); It is the name given to the whole of the identity, document and biometric recognition processes applied to an individual who interacts with the institution for the first time.

Enable two factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (2FA); Basically, it consists of using a second step when we are going to log into our accounts. 2FA, which is generally applied by entering a code next to the password with an SMS sent to the phone, creates an extra layer of security. In addition to a short message, the 2FA access code can also be created with an application on a phone or other personal device, or with a special device.

Activate email verification...

Activate Anti-Phishing…

Phishing; It is one of the obscure engineering practices that hackers use to steal data, gain access to computers and infiltrate companies' networks. Email manipulation, content embedding, link spoofing, fake websites, authorized session violation, malicious ads, and man-in-the-middle tactics are among the common phishing methods. By activating this feature, you will know whether the incoming e-mail belongs to your stock market or not.

Don't work with the stock market that doesn't have the security measures I mentioned...

Once the security measures we mentioned above are done correctly and once, we can start investing with a clear mind. Next Actions…

Third Actions;

You transfer money from your bank account to the stock market in your own country's currency. You convert the incoming money to USDT, which is a stablecoin over the stock market. Whichever cryptocurrency you want to buy on all exchanges, its parity is USDT. Like BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, SOL/USDT, …

Stablecoin; A digital currency whose value is pegged to a "stable" reserve asset such as the US dollar or gold. Stable cryptocurrencies are designed to mitigate the volatility of unpegged cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency markets include USDT, USDC, BUSD, UST, …

Before buying cryptocurrencies; You have listened to the topics spoken and discussed in your environment, in the markets, on social media … You have an idea about which sector will come to the fore and / or will come to the fore … to take heart with the direction of the current … It will be the right decision for you … It will be to make a basket of cryptocurrencies in this sector … With the basket Check out my related article...

It's time, what will we do to buy the cryptocurrency you are considering investing in...

Buying cryptocurrencies on exchanges is very simple. You just need to know what buying transactions mean and do what's right for you.

1- Market; By trading at the current market price, you get the amount of cryptocurrency you want to buy.

2- Limit; You write the unit amount you want to buy that cryptocurrency on the buying board, when it comes to that price, it buys the amount you specify.

For the 3rd and 4th trades I will explain, you need to know the support-resistance points and trend information, which are the basic technical analysis. You can refer to the related article… 1 - 2 - 3 

3- Stop-Limit; This is a process that requires a little more professionalism and experience. In short, you set two prices here. stop; the amount at which the buy order will start. Limit; the amount to be purchased.





4- OCO; You can do both up and down trades with a single order. In addition to the stop-limit, you can enter an upward price. It can be used especially at support and resistance points.





You can use these transactions for both buying and selling…

Congratulations, you have become a cryptocurrency owner…

You need to evaluate your cryptocurrencies until the time you plan and the price occur. Methods of earning a second income from your cryptocurrencies on the stock market you use;

You can accumulate Flexible and/or Locked; You can evaluate your cryptocurrencies daily or for a period of time.

You can participate in LaunchPad, Launchpool events; You can generate income by providing liquidity to new projects.

You can earn income by lending your cryptocurrencies

My Last Words; It will be beneficial to make your preparations and review your preparations in this time period when the bull season is approaching. Act according to your game plan. Stay away from sudden, unthinkable moves... If you have designed your plan correctly, you will make a profit. There are over 10 thousand cryptocurrencies in the market. They do not all start an uptrend at the same time. Wait for the time to come for the cryptocurrency that you believe you have invested correctly… Cryptocurrency markets are the markets registered by gamblers…


My strategy; Examine, decide, invest, wait, get your earnings when the time comes...

I wish you all a very lucrative hunting season … Good luck …


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