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Cryptocurrency Story - 3 (Progress) ...

Cryptocurrency Story - 3 (Progress) ...


Hi, click for the 1 st and 2 st part of our story … Then I wait …

Mihali is trying to understand the sectoral winds that come from time to time in the cryptocurrency markets. It is observed that many projects provide high returns without making the right investment until they understand the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) wind. He understands very well; Investing in solid and long-term projects is important, but he understands that he should also follow the developing sectors and invest in time. He begins to visit the communication channels that constantly follow the cryptocurrency markets, daily or even several times a day. It gets instant information by keeping notifications open. Thanks to this follow-up, he caught the wind of the metaverse and started to make investments. It has early invested in projects such as Decentraland (MANA), The Sandbox (SAND), Star Atlas (ATLAS), StarLink (STARL). He thinks long-term as he thinks that he takes the lead of MANA and SAND metaverse projects. Since the ATLAS metaverse game will be released in a few months, it is considering taking the appropriate time win and exiting. The same is true for STARL. He plans to generate passive income by staking MANA and SAND projects as he thinks long-term. When the time comes, these cryptocurrencies will also gain and leave.


mana  sand  atlas  starl


While following the wind of the Metaverse, SOLANA (SOL) ecosystem is starting to attract attention thanks to ATLAS. The very rapid development of the Solana blockchain and the very low transaction fees encourage it to invest. Solana is starting to use the wallet application compatible with the blockchain. It prefers the Phantom wallet, which is the most supported by its research and DeFi projects in the Solana network.


sol   phantom


He understands that Metaverse projects and other Solana projects need to be involved in an IDO platform to invest early. Mihali decides on SOLANIUM project on the Solana network. It is possible to participate in pre-sales for free on this platform, but realizes that the chances of winning are very small. The tier system in SOLANIUM is starting to study in detail to get involved and increase his chances. At the core of the stages is staking the SLIM token. The more SLIM stakes, the higher the chance of winning. Mihali starts with the first phase. The strategy he established; Selling the project cryptocurrencies that it bought in the pre-sale with a high profit when it is released… Buying SLIM and staking to go to the next level with the profit it earns… We will see the results of this strategy over time…




What do you think should be the lessons we can learn from this part of our story... ? I look forward to your thoughts. Hope to see you in the next parts of our story...

You need to decide: Will you be the light or those who wait in the dark…?

*** My friends, the names in the story you read above are fictitious, but what happened is real.

I greet you all with love and respect. See you …

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Journey To The Cryptocurrency Ocean
Journey To The Cryptocurrency Ocean

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

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