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Hello to my friends who love life and always smile despite all kinds of negativity. Today, I'm going to talk about projects that support multiple blockchains and exchanges, which we've been hearing about recently, and that allow you to manage all your crypto assets with a single platform. What are these platforms good for… ? Is it safe … ? What am I thinking… ?

I will give brief information about Coin98 and Atani platforms, which focus on decentralized finance (DEFI) systems.

Let's start …

The most important problem of investors is to protect their digital assets with confidence. Cold wallets, which are one of the best methods, can be lost and their passwords can be forgotten. This is also a risk.

These platforms allow their users to store, manage or trade assets with multi-chain feature.







The wallet of the Coin98 platform; It has a mobile application and a browser add-on.

Security; Thanks to its 3-step verification protocol, it reduces the risk of losing Private Key and PAssphrase. The security of the protected information against threats from the internet is ensured by the "non-custodial" system.

Coin98 (C98) trades cryptocurrencies on blockchains. You cannot manage your cryptocurrencies on exchanges.
Coin98 (C98) will be pre-sold with Binance Launchpad.



You can manage your accounts on exchanges with a single platform. It serves with a desktop application. Windows, Mac, and Linux versions are available. It ensures that only you have access to your API keys and cryptocurrencies.



Security; Almost all trading platforms are cloud-based. This means they keep your API keys on their servers and can access them whenever they want. Even if they are encrypted, your API keys are online and hackers are smart. Atani is not under surveillance, which means we can't access your money, so hackers can't either.

All the features of Atani academy are explained as a video.

My last words as I finish my article; I have given you two alternatives. One is the decentralized platform that supports blockchains as a multi-chain, and the other is the platform where you can only manage your cryptocurrencies on the exchanges. My friends, entrusting all your cryptocurrencies to a single platform may provide ease of use, but I do not plan to do this. No matter how secure a platform is, one mistake will turn things around. The best thing is to trade with decentralized exchanges (UNISWAP, PANCAKESWAP, …) in your own wallets. This is entirely up to your understanding of risk. A blockchain is harder to shut down than an exchange.

As I always say, listen to everyone, decide for yourself...

Buy when everyone is selling, sell when everyone is buying...

I'm looking forward to your comments. Thanks to your comments, we can shape my next articles together. Let's stay in touch... Take care of yourself so that you and the people around you will be happy...

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“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

Journey To The Cryptocurrency Ocean
Journey To The Cryptocurrency Ocean

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

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