Binance Launchpad Strategy Exchange ...

Binance Launchpad Strategy Exchange ...


If there was a way to earn several times the amount you invested in a cryptocurrency in a matter of minutes, hours or days, would you seize the opportunity... ? I clearly hear your answer .... YES !!!

The correct address is LaunchPad platforms...

Launchpad; These are the areas where cryptocurrencies, where risk and profit are high, meet with the investor.

What is Launchpad... ?

Launchpad; It allows you to buy unlisted projects at the pre-sale price. In other words, they are platforms that help investors make serious profits by pre-purchasing new cryptocurrency projects before the token is offered to the public.

Launchpads are usually made by decentralized/decentralized crypto exchanges or platforms established for this purpose.

When these projects are listed, the chances of seeing serious gains are high. E.g; Once a coin you bought from the pre-sale by depositing $100 is listed, it can bring you serious profits.

Binance exchange pioneered the recognition of Launchpads. As of now, there are dozens of LauncPad platforms.

I would like to tell you about the investor change I observed on Binance LaunchPad....

I regularly participate in Binance LaunchPad. I would like to tell you how I strategized until the last project STEP'N - Green Metaverse Token (GMT).

I eagerly wait for the tokens I bought by joining Binance LaunchPad to be listed, I will sell within the first 30 seconds.





A few examples;

Above, you can see the price charts of LAZZIO, PORTO, VOXEL, LOKA tokens that were first sold with Binance LaunchPad.

Sales made within the first 30 seconds;

LAZIO -- $43.5, Pre-Sale $1, Profit 43X
PORTO -- $18.1, Pre-Sale $1, Profit 18X
VOXEL – $2.95, Pre-sale Price $0.2, Profit 15X
LOKA – $2.3, Pre-Sale $1, Profit 2X

LAZIO and PORTO are issued as Binance fan tokens. VOXEL and LOKA are GameFi tokens supported by the Binance exchange. When you look at their current situation, you can see the accuracy of my sales.

But with STEP'N - Green Metaverse Token (GMT), the latest Binance LaunchPad project, the situation was different...




It made $0.19 as ATH on the first day as seen on the price chart. I followed the first 30 second rule as usual and sold at $0.15.

GMT – $0.15, Pre-Sell Price $0.01, Profit 15X

Its new ATH is $0.89. So we screwed up... I missed the chance to win 89X... But I learned some great lessons from this incident...

Binance has stated that it will especially support SocialFi projects this year.

My planned strategy; After the first day, there will be sales, after a while, it was in the direction of buying at a lower price. But my calculations did not work. I'm starting to think about where I went wrong...

I examined the STEP'N - Green Metaverse Token (GMT) project in detail, the developments in social media platforms and the activities implemented by the Binance exchange for STEP'N - Green Metaverse Token (GMT).

It seems that Binance has proven to seriously support SocalFi projects.

Yes, it's time for change. It's time to strategize according to each Binance LaunchPad project....

My last words; In order to be permanent in the cryptocurrency markets, it is necessary to be able to change. This rule applies to both individuals and institutions. Change is a law of nature. Those who cannot change are doomed to perish. But is every change a positive step forward...? If change is improving us, you are on the right track...

Yes, my friends, don't be afraid to lose money, All you have to fear is not to learn from your mistake and not to change...

Good luck to all my friends...

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