Hodling 11 shitcoins - week 15 - The shitcoins stays stable

Hi once again,

Alt season seems to be upon us, sadly this seems to mean that the shitcoins have evened out and is staying fairly steady. Last week we had a total porfolio value of 5.500-6.000$ and this week finishes off in that area as well.

Don't do this at home, or do, probably don't.

Table of current value:

Let's look at how the table looks.


Cashcow has had their marketdata untracked by coinmarketcap, I went through coingecko to get together their low price, oh yeah, Lemond is still fairly trash. Most coins: Cumrocket, Ginux, Kuma & Safemoon saw a small dip this week, not fairly large, only 10%. Well that is large for normal coins but shitcoins swing waaay wider. Doge & Elon tech dropped a little, not significant. Sonar and Dogelon mars stayed steady. Memepad was this week's winner as it grew over 50% (yes I know cashcow grew way more but the cow isn't allowed to speak until it climbs over 50$).



KUMA is now below 40%, it has dropped a fair bit this week. Dogelon got adjusted after its big boom from being listed on Crypto.com. Memepad and GInux fill out the last slots on the allocation chart while the remaining coins share 13%.

Best/worst perfomer


Kuma still giving a +20 times return on the investment of 100$. Cashcow is down 88$ (coinmarketcap stopped tracking it). Total portfolio value is steady at 5x the original investment.



Market pumped few weeks back, and the shitcoins followed. It's rare for any of these types of coins to move heavily outside of the larger coins pumping heavily, that's when people get greedy. Still, this is a pretty good return on investment after 3.5 months, and this is very risky but only 2 coins have went at a loss so far.

I can't see any reason for any of these coins to pump soon. I enjoy tracking this stuff as it is interesting and fun articles to make and keep track off, but they get less interaction as opposed to my "tech tutor" blogs or "in focus" posts. Should I slow down this series to be once a month or keep it weekly? What would you guys prefer?

Thank you for reading and remember, don't buy shitcoins, or do. They seem to be better than gambling.

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Journey through cryptocoins
Journey through cryptocoins

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