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Experiment: I use Publish0x to make a million - Week #13

Week 13, more than halfway to 200$.

I have no idea at all what the market has been doing the past few days, SHIB is now top 10 and plenty of coins have crashed. I guess there's a huge way of new adoptions, people starting gossip about crypto at work now even, mostly SHIB haha.

I can't add any new funds.

I can't acquire any new funds without directly using crypto directly from Publish0x tips.

I can use my Publish0x rewards however I want to try and reach 1.000.000$

Week #13
+0.0400754 FARM
+2,17 USDT from bot


My article this week has been fairly slow, comparing it to last week that brought in more than double amount of FARM/AMPL compared to this week. I do have plenty of different cryptos that are slowly starting to bring in more and more money. I have taken some USDT away from the bot and put it into KAVA, it only needs 40$ to operate and it has been performing okay, but not good. I figure that I'll keep it running for now.

I also am holding 31,49 HBAR, 6,5 EFI, 14 PRE & 141,11 TRX, hoping I can copy my luck from my hodling shitcoins experiment.

Current progress - $164.96

KAVA - 5.8787, (+4,1722)

ADA - 5,0507 (+0,0063)

DOT - 0,9243 (+0,0021)

USDT - 58,97 (-12,08) 2,9

I am down 2,67% of my initial investment in KAVA, that means I am minus 1,28$. I have gained 0.1062 KAVA from staking.

I am down 6,21% of my initial investment in ADA, I am minus 2,29$. I have gained 0.0697 ADA from staking.

I am plus 11,99% of my initial investment in DOT, I am plus 8,53$. I have gained 0.0120 DOT from staking.

I am up 19,24% of my initial invesment in the bot with USDT, I am plus 14,83$ and have completed 20 bottrades

Polkadot stays strong, happy I kept some coins there and keep them staked. Biggest negative with holding Polkadot is that it has a inflation rate of 10%, staking it at 10% or higher is required to not be holding it at a risk for loss. Progress slowed down a little bit this week, but it stays steady.

$164,96 / $1.000.000

0.016496% / 100,00%

0,25 years/ 1 515years

(-5 years from last week)

Both the articles and income from my acculmated crypto was weak this week (no pun inteded). Progress is still progress and I'll try to stay vigilant in this crazy market!

That's all for this week, wish me luck and don't forget to tip!

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Journey through cryptocoins
Journey through cryptocoins

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