That's so Raven - My First Lost Crypto Story

It was only a matter of time...  Everyone in crypto has a story of lost crypto and I now have my first, and hopefully last, unless you have a way to help me.

It all started back on November 19th, my first day in crypto.  I knew nothing about crypto but thought why not put an old laptop to use mining crypto.  New to the game, I downloaded the unmineable app and after fighting with Windows 10 antivirus and defender issues I finally got it up and running.  The Doge's were rolling in, very slowly.  Turns out CPU mining is a waste of time.

After a little research I had a better idea, mine from our gaming computers GPU.  After some research, I decided to mine Ravencoin due to its pretty high return.  So I downloaded unmineable once again and got started at hash rates that left the CPU mining quite jealous.  The only thing you really needed to get started was the address to mine it to so I got a wallet and and address for RVN and off I went.  I actually did the same thing on another gaming computer in the house but focused on Ethereum on that one.

The thing is, once you start going down the crypto path is not only has twists and turns, it has many forks in the road leading down completely new paths.  I've been going down these paths for awhile and only recently turned my attention back to mining.  Down these paths I've been pretty careful to document what I'm doing and test small amounts before committing to much to test everything.

Solo mining doesn't bring in good returns so I decided this week to turn my attention to pool mining, but first I'd have to cash out on my positions.  I briefly turned my GPU's attention to Doge to hit the minimum 30 required and actually got to just over 32 and decided to do the payout.  I went in to swap the address to my wallet but found out you can't do that without resetting the coins to zero so I went ahead and did the payout.  Turns out, they all went into a Doge wallet I set up on day one.  From there I transferred the coins to my wallet which cost four Doge coins to do - perhaps that was actually my first lost crypto...

Next up was Ravencoin.  I had accumulated 344 coins worth around $40 yesterday when I processed the payout.  The PROBLEM is, I can't for the life of me figure out what wallet/exchange it sent to.  Sure I have the address, but that doesn't seem to help.  So I tried a few things.

First, I went through all the wallets I have.  It is amazing how many wallets you accumulate in crypto.  There was, Coinbase, Kucoin, Nexo, Gemini, Exodus, Meta and others.  None showed a Ravencoin balance and when I checked on receiving Raven none had an address that matched. 

Next I went though my browsers history, all the way back to that fateful November 19th day to get a better clue.  That narrowed down the number of wallets I had back then but still no luck.  I also went through all my emails from that week which also didn't help but I'm very glad I set up an email account just for crypto because it did save time.  I was actually hoping that one of the wallets would send me an email when it receive the coins but no such email arrived.

Then I went to the spreadsheet where I track everything, looking at old versions/histroy to see where I may have put it but still no luck.

Darn, looks like I lost all that Ravencoin and just before the halving for which everyone on Reddit tells me will send the coin to the moon.  I doubt it will actually climb out of low Earth orbit but I'd still like to have those hard earned coins back.

So here is what I have to help solve the case: the address were I sent it to which starts with RC (I'm guessing for Ravencoin).  I also have the recovery phrase for the wallet in question.  I just stupidly, didn't write down the actual wallet I was using for Ravencoin in the spreadsheet.

So lesson learned at a fairly cheap price unless YOU have ideas on how to figure this out.  If so, please share in the comments below.  If not, feel free to share a similar experience so we can all learn for each others mistakes.

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Journey through Crypto
Journey through Crypto

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