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Addicted to Creating NFTs

It started out innocently enough as just an experiment to pass some time and learn about NFTs. But now, I can't stop... Collection after collection being created and this is just the start of my NFT journey, something I never expected.

No, I'm no artist but beauty is in the "eye of the beholder" and in the NFT world the beholders are no art experts so perhaps my "art" can fit in. I don't really care about selling NFTs, I just want to create them and put them up on the blockchain somewhere at this point. I only meant to create one small collection and now I'm up to four. It would be more but I'm waiting for my new Apple laptop to come in and I'm trying to show some restraint. 

Truth is, once I figured out how easy it is to create and NFT collection and put them up on OpenSea I was hooked. Honestly, I could easily bang out a new collection every day or so without putting in to much effort. An therein lies the problem, it is too easy and doesn't cost a satoshi. I can create art and share it with the world using two of my favorite "F" words - free and fast. I leave my third favorite "F" word up to the imagine. Nah, it's football (both the American and World versions).

Collection One - Nuked

Description = Innocent amphibians and lizards deformed by human war technology in abstract form. They were innocent and they got nuked!

Items = 8

Price = .75 ETH

Notes = this was my first time messing around with AI generated art which was pretty cool and also just a way to learn how to create an NFT and put them up on OpenSea.



Collection Two - Mutant Cubed Primates

Description = Mutant Primates in Cubed Form

Items = 9

Price = .005 ETH

Notes = I took a break after the first collection but then thought I would mess around with AI art again but using a specific cube style with various primates as the subjects.



Collection Three - Lemurian Fellowship

Description = Madagascar's unique strepsirrhine primates known as Lemurs make up this Lumurian Fellowship

Items = 12

Price = not yet priced

Notes = I am working on selling these with proceeds going to The Lemur Conservation Foundation. I'm attempting to donate in crypto and also have each buyer "adopt" a lemur and get a photo and certificate all for under $50.



Collection Four - Stained Glass Ape Club

Description = In the Cathedral of Apes the stained glass windows are all the rage

Items = 10

Price = 5.00 USDC

Notes = Simply a different take on one of the most popular NFT collections out there. Wanted to play with a different style for this collection as each one has a unique look.



But why?

Just as in my crypto journey, I have no idea where my NFT journey might lead me but I do have some ideas. I am planning on putting together a DeFi project in the future that does incorporate NFTs (that have utility) so having a basic understanding at this point doesn't hurt. I also plan on learning to mess around with a large collection at some point in the future to test out the various properties that can be switched out (think clothes, hats, looks, etc.) with various rarities. So in reality, this is more about learning the ropes than anything else.

I can easily see myself creating at least one new collection every week just for the sake of doing so. I've worked with artist for years and always thought that when they leave this world their art survives and that is a rather appealing thought. So why can't I leave something behind in the form of digital art, forever to be found on the blockchain in some dystopian distant future where crypto is the only medium of exchange. Yes, my legacy will live on as ugly as it might be... Then again, somebody may just come across one of my articles on Publish.0x so perhaps the NFT thing wasn't needed after all.

When people ask what I do in crypto, I now have to add create NFT collections to the long list of things I need to explain typically to those who don't understand even the most basic of crypto concepts. At least most have heard of NFTs, trying to explain being a yield farming liquidity provider specializing on tomb fork ecosystems on the Binance Smart Chain is much more challenging.

But here is the thing, I'm not even a big fan of NFTs. Yes, I bought two Hydro Whales Mining Club NFTs a few weeks ago that have utility and will provide some crypto passive income for years to come but NFTs without any real utility other than being simple "digital art" are pretty stupid. I do see value in proof of ownership on the blockchain that NFTs can provide, especially in terms of real world assets. But as far as just some dumb artwork being bought and sold online, I still just don't really get it. Yet here I am, a part of the "idiocracy" and in some ways leading the charge. For this I am sorry. 

Please forgive me!  

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Journey through Crypto, from Newbie to ???
Journey through Crypto, from Newbie to ???

Born in England, raised and educated in Michigan (Go Spartans), now living in Texas. Retired early after doing well in the markets and now turning my attention to another type of investment. Follow one man's journey into the world of crypto and let's learn from each other...

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