What does decentralization mean to me? - Anything that can be decentralized should be decentralized

What does decentralization mean to me? - Anything that can be decentralized should be decentralized

By josevas217 | josevas217 | 1 Apr 2020

At present there are a large number of projects that are supported by block chains and that maintain their economy based on cryptocurrencys. One of the main characteristics of this new technology and form of financial management is the decentralization, for this reason I believe very necessary to have clarity about what this is about, and what it means for me. 

This publication is my presentation of what I think decentralization is and what its importance is today.







1) What does decentralization mean to you? Is it important? Why?


I want to answer this question from a very personal point of view. In particular, I do not believe in the system that currently prevails in the world, a total and absolute centralization, I do not believe in kings or queens who hold great fortunes inherited from centuries of plundering other peoples, nor do I believe in monarchies, nor do I believe in churches, I do not believe that central banks are a solution for managing our money, they were all created in an era whose social and technological characteristics were different, and that is why they have all failed.

That is why decentralization, in my opinion, has a determining role in the present and future of society, in the distribution of power. Just as when we are children we need a parent to help us and guide us so that we make fewer mistakes, but then we become adults, we don't need a person there permanently telling us what to do, because we have matured, or at least that is what we are supposed to do.

I think that, by way of analogy to the above, society should not need a governing body to tell it what to do, because society is kept immature by the presence of a father-state, and many are waiting to be told what and how to do in order to live.

Decentralization is distributed power, just as is the registration of data in the blockchain, so it cannot be changed, it follows its course, and not determined by a single person, but by a conglomerate.

I understand that a drastic change is always strong, but it becomes necessary, we cannot continue depending on our decisions as a society to be taken by others, many examples are currently showing that 5 people cannot think and assume what is good for millions of citizens.





2)What do you think are the fundamental building blocks of blockchain?


  • To be decentralized, is one of the main pillars of this technology, not to depend on a central body, that's what in good measure makes it a tool to combat many of the current problems (corruption, bureaucracy, intermediaries, collection of large commissions).
  • Technically speaking, the possibility that the data recorded in the blockchain, which is immutable, cannot be duplicated and is not centralized, are the main characteristics to highlight within it.
    The fact that it can be used for practically everything that can occur to the human being, from intelligent contracts to games, is another thing to highlight.
  • Being public, but at the same time being able to have confidentiality of data through encryption, great gain this.




3) What do you think about Blockchain and Decentralization?


I'm not an expert on the subject, but if I've read enough to be able to understand the basics of them, I think that it emerged as a response to a system in chaos, it emerges as a need of the human being as a social entity to have real responsibility in decision making, and that's why in good measure great and powerful do not like the idea of not being able to control us.

The blockchain as a decentralized system must reach every area of daily life, so that society knows that the needs in today's reality, in a totally technological and dynamic society, where information is worth gold, have changed. That is why I think we must continue to work on the basis that it continues to grow and be taken up by everyone.



I would like to know your opinion about this topic, so don't hesitate to leave it in the comments and I will gladly read them.

I present this publication in this community with some variations of the original one that was made previously in my Steempeak blog, next I leave the link:
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