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Meet Cipo

By Jonny Heggheim | jonny | 22 Apr 2022

Crypto in, power out

Cipo makes it easy to let users pay for electricity for their camper-van, electric cars, boat, caravan and other high load cases.

The property owner sets the price per kW hour, prints out QR-codes of his addresses which he hangs close to his sockets, one address per socket. Cipo will open the circuit when it detects a payment and will close the circuit again when the pre-paid amount is used.

Cipo currently supports the Shelly Pro 4PM relay and probably other Shelly relays with the same API.

Pre assembly of the Shelly Pro 4PM

Monero is the only payment method at the moment; other crypto currencies might be supported in the future.

The user interface for end users is a QR-code per socket/outlet. This makes it possible to pay with the wallet they already have. Today there is no visible feedback to the end user. In the future it might be possible to add a screen or provide a QR-code with a web page for status and notifications.


The source code for the software can be found at https://github.com/hegjon/cipo. Go ahead and test it, fork it, add new payment methods, and add support for other relays.

I will make a follow up step-by-step article on how to set it up for property owners once the corner cases have been tested more.

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