wise words to take account of - part 2

By vict0r | liFacts | 17 Oct 2020

hello again! My good wishes is going straight over you! I hope you are fine and have the power to pass these times.

For this, I prepared another part of the world's wisdom to take account of.

read, judge and if it fits you, you are welcome.

The context is about our capacity to read between the lines, to separate the actions by the person potential to be conscious about what he was doing. In many cases it happens to do something without thinking of all the implications involved and then we are sorry, but the thing is done. We are not a bad person and wouldn't want to make it this way, so we need to give a chance to others for similar actions. Think twice and see if they really intended to do bad things.


Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

Yes, everybody could make stupid actions, including me. It happens. Yes, I had regrets, I try to fix the situations, sometimes I succeed, sometimes, no. But we need to clarify our non malicious intentions with our buddies.


Try this and many sorrows could be avoided, for you and for them. In fact, there are very few people who are really intended to do bad things. Everything is related to more or less facts which could be explained and the situation is solved.

How can we apply this to crypto?

I think, the most recently case is SUSHI: the founder sold all his bags making a big dump in the moment when the price was going down anyway, but showing the people that even the initiator of the project doesn't trust in it's future.


Yes, in this case was a stupid action, not a mean one. You know the next move: the founder returned with the ETH and made a buy back of SUSHI, but too late. Anyway, this showed that he was not mean, only stupid.

What we can do?

Let some time to the projects to gain some maturity.

Also, study a while the team, the whitepaper, the community, the presence in media, the github and the roadmap activity vs promises.

Yes, if you enter earlier, you could gain more, but you need to make a balance between risk and reward.

Another option is to enter early with 10-15% from the total amount you want to invest and more and more, later, when you see the direction is good.

Take care guys! Be carefull in this crypto fragile world.

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