wise words to take account of - part 1

By vict0r | liFacts | 13 Oct 2020

hello guys

I recently saw a quote from some popular guy which wrote about what he thought when he was a child that should be/look/behave a successful person and what he thinks now. Indeed, there are some different perceptions about what we think the world should be and what is is, in fact.

For example: many people thinks that having the greatest results at school is the key to success. This is nothing without having analytical thinking, or empathy or courage of taking decisions.

So, the most successful people are the ones who can express themselves, the ones who can stand in front of the others and take the lead (of course, in our times, we could assume that more and more introverted people (but intelligent) could be financial successful, hiding behind computers, with no need to confront others face to face, but their success could be only of that nature).

Also, the success is a relative term and could be misunderstood, by us, by others regarding us.

What is important is the way we look at us, what we wanted to obtain and what we truly did. For some people, the success could means having a family, for others, even a baby. But we shouldn't forget that for many of our planet, the success could be only attending a primary school.


The first quote

What we can do to have a great life is establishing good targets to dream of.


one of the wise words we can admit is:

"Have the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you."

Never lie to you! Evaluate all your strengths and weaknesses and use them as good as possible. If you are a small guy don't try to look tall! Make your height work for you. Tall people are bad in hadling things quick (most of them) and in a fight, for example, not the tallest wins, but the powerful one. So, if you want, you can choose to work for strengthening your body and increasing your speed. There are so many ways to use what you have. But never try something that doesn't fits you.

How is that applying to in crypto world: go as far as you can without being in danger to loose all your money. Always split your portfolio in 3-4 assets, never, but never go all in!

For my advice, if you are a long term crypto person: take half in BTC and ETH and the rest in other minimum 2 coins.

All the best!

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