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Ledn: The Best Place to Lend Your Bitcoin!?

21 Jun 2021 7 minute read 3 comments johnwege

I'm about as bullish as a person can possibly be about bitcoin.  I think it is a real possibility that the future will made up of the have's, and the have not's.  Of course; I mean those who have bitcoin and those who do not.  Naturally bitcoin is a...

How Bitcoin Changes Your Life!

18 Jun 2021 4 minute read 12 comments johnwege

There are a large variety of reasons for why a person might first become interested into bitcoin, and then take action by investing in it.  Perhaps they're interested in the technology and how it could change the world.  Maybe by using bitcoin; this...

How To Accumulate Bitcoin EVEN When the Prices Go Sky High!

16 Jun 2021 6 minute read 7 comments johnwege

We have all heard the experts predicting that bitcoin and other crypto's price would be going to the moon, dramatically increasing relatively soon.  Most saying this will happen before the end of the year.  This is an idea that many of us have romant...

Bitcoin - How Much Should You Buy?

14 Jun 2021 4 minute read 6 comments johnwege

There are usually two types of people that invest into bitcoin.  The first type is the person that is interested in the technology side of things; the potential freedom that it could bring to the world.  The second type of bitcoin investor is in it s...

The Difference Between Bitcoin Veterans and Newbies

9 Jun 2021 4 minute read 16 comments johnwege

The bitcoin market is in a collective mood of panic.  A lot of the newer people to the market have called it a day, and come to the conclusion that the bull market has run its course and come to an end.  For a lot people of people, this is their firs...

Bitcoin: The Secret Game That's Being Played

7 Jun 2021 6 minute read 27 comments johnwege

There has been a lot of discussion throughout the years about how much bitcoin is actually enough; or how much do you actually need to have.  This is where the debate comes in.  Naturally when the price of bitcoin was cheaper; the accumulation goal o...

Bitcoin: Ignore the Noise!

4 Jun 2021 3 minute read 8 comments johnwege

It has been quite a wild ride this week once again for bitcoin.  The price has remained volatile, but there is a lot of excitement in market, especially with the upcoming Bitcoin conference in Miami. In fact bitcoin did very well this week in terms o...

My Next Bitcoin and Ethereum Venture

2 Jun 2021 4 minute read 15 comments johnwege

Throughout the last year I have been trying to put myself out into the cryptocurrency world more and more.  While initially I was mostly a lurker; I then began writing posts.  If you have been following me since I began writing; you will probably hav...

My Crypto Earnings (May)

31 May 2021 4 minute read 37 comments johnwege

We have reached the end of May and that means once again we have reached my favorite time of the month.  This is when I calculate all of the income I have made with crypto for the month.  At the beginning of the year I set a lofty goal of reaching a...

Why the Recent Bitcoin FUD Is Actually a Good Thing!

28 May 2021 3 minute read 10 comments johnwege

Let's face it; it's been a difficult week for bitcoiners and people who hold cryptocurrency in general.  Around ten days ago bitcoin was still hovering around the mid $50,000's; everyone was anticipating that it would soon move upwards and make a new...