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Signs That You've Fallen Deep Down the Crypto Rabbit Hole

By johnwege | johnwege | 19 Aug 2022

Let's face it.  You're here reading this article, and this means that you are most likely very passionate about cryptocurrency.  Perhaps you are a bitcoiner, or maybe you're really into smart contract chains like Ethereum, Solana, and others.  You may be here for the money or the tech, but there is one thing that is for certain.  That the crypto market is most likely one of your biggest interests and passions. But, not everyone is like us.  I would wager that most people aren't like us.  While for those of us who have been investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto for years, that is a great thing.  There is a high chance that those of us who have gotten into this industry early will be greatly rewarded financially in the not so far not-so-far future.  Maybe even being able to change our lives forever.  But, this article isn't about the prices of our favorite coins, macro events, or how we could become rich in the future.  Today's topic is a less serious one, and will instead be a list of signs that you have fallen deep down the crypto rabbit hole.  Things that quickly set you apart from your friends and family, and make you stick out like a sore thumb.  While in years past, maybe these friends would joke or criticize us for being so passionate about this industry, in the future, they will come around to our side.

So without further delay, here are some of the top signs that you have fallen deep down the crypto rabbit hole in no particular order. That you're a real bitcoin and/or crypto enthusiast.

1. Constantly Checking the Prices of Crypto


This will probably include most of those who read this article.  Perhaps checking the prices of crypto is the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do before going to bed.  Maybe you even wake up in the middle of the night and check while you go to the bathroom.  And then there are all the other times during the day that you are probably checking the price of coins.  If you have fallen far down the rabbit hole, maybe you always keep the price tab open on your computer or smartphone. It has evolved from periodically checking the price, to always knowing what prices are.

2. Your Entire World View Revolves Around Crypto

No matter what your friends, family, or colleagues are talking about, you can always reason how Bitcoin and crypto are related or involved.  If you have fallen even deeper down the rabbit hole, you might begin arguing how Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto could fix all of those issues discussed.  Wars are breaking out across the world, yes, Bitcoin would fix that.  Banks are corrupt and shouldn't be trusted. Yes, Ethereum would fix that. The government has too much power and is spying on everyone.  Yes, Monero would fix that. Those are all valid issues that would be helped by crypto, but the list would go on from there. Maybe you would no longer do things that you normally would have unless you are incentivized to earn crypto for doing it.  Playing games, using web browsers, exercising, and purchasing everyday items.  You now only do them if you can get crypto for doing so.

3. You Begin To View Your Work PayDay Differently

Most people are excited for their payday to come around.  This is the time when they get a fresh deposit of cash into their bank accounts and can pay off their bills, splurge on items that they have been wanting to purchase, and money put away to save.  But now that you've gone deep down the rabbit hole with crypto, you now view your payday much differently.  You don't think about it as the day when you can pay off your bills, or buy that new thing you've been wanting. But instead, it's now the day that you can buy more crypto.  Maybe you no longer even view it as your payday, but now just consider it your crypto day.

4. You Have Become a Minimalist 


In the past, there were probably many things that you wanted to buy.  Maybe it was saving for that new house or car, buying that new video game that you've been excited about, new clothes, taking trips and the list goes on.  But now that you're consumed by bitcoin and crypto, you have found that you've become a minimalist.  You no longer feel that you need these items, and maybe begin to feel that they are a waste of money.  After all, if you don't spend that money on that new TV, or don't have that higher monthly payment for the car or house.  Then you will be able to invest more money into crypto.  You tell yourself that you are putting off buying these things now so that you can be greatly rewarded later.  Sacrificing now, to live larger and grander in the future.

5. Crypto is All You Think About

You may have fallen deeply down the crypto rabbit hole if crypto is all that you think about.  From the moment you wake up, until the moment you go to sleep.  Maybe you even began having dreams about crypto. Because it is all you think about, it is also the only thing that you want to talk about as well. You try to discuss it with your friends and get them into the market.  Telling them that they need to get in now while they can still be early.  How the world moving to crypto is inevitable.  But it often falls on deaf ears, and they probably have become tiring of you talking about it.  But in your opinion, it is okay.  Because you believe that you will be proven right in the future.  Since crypto has become your biggest passion, you are now wanting to find a job in this industry. After all, if you are already thinking about it all the time, why shouldn't you be getting paid for it?

6. You Have Forgotten The Risks With Crypto and That its fail-proof


And finally, we have come to the last sign that you have fallen deep down the crypto rabbit hole. Perhaps you have become so passionate and convinced about the future of crypto that you have forgotten about the possible risks or no longer think they are valid.  You may start believing that bitcoin will without a doubt be the world's next reserve currency.  You also believe that Ethereum is all that you need, and banks are going to begin disappearing.  After all, they are no longer necessary if we have DeFi.  You likely believe crypto is fail-proof and the question you now ask yourself isn't IF crypto will take over, but WHEN.

There you have it. Those were just a few signs that you maybe have deeply fallen down the crypto rabbit hole.  It is supposed to be a less serious article which may be much needed during these chaotic times that we are currently living in.  As for me, I matched almost every item on the list.  It is safe to say that I'm very deep down the rabbit hole of crypto.

How about you? How many items did you match with? What are some other signs that you have fallen deep down the crypto rabbit hole? 



As always, thank you for reading!

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