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My Outlandish Bitcoin Price Predictions

By johnwege | johnwege | 4 Feb 2021

Do you ever find yourself looking at your cryptocurrency portfolio and dreaming about where the prices may potentially go?  This is a daily thought that I have and it is both an amazing thought, but also scares me quite a lot as well.  Naturally these types of thoughts are amazing, because we could all make a significant amount of money if the price goes up to the places many "experts" have been saying recently.  It could honestly be life-changing amounts for many of us. But let me tell you why it scares me?  Recently I have been thinking that perhaps my best days of accumulating as much bitcoin, ethereum and other assets may now be in the past; never to be seen again.

For example; do you remember around this time in 2020 the price of bitcoin was around $8,000, while ethereum was around $200.  Buying 0.01 BTC would only cost $80 and 0.01 ETH would have only been $2.00. I often have regrets for not accumulating even harder than I did during that time.  But in my heart I do know that last year I did go "ALL IN,"  it's the reason I am in the position I am today and took full advantage of the price crash that happened in March.

For this post I was wanting to do something fun and talk about where I think the price of litecoin, chainlink, polkadot, ethereum and bitcoin will all go by the end of 2021- mid 2022. Please keep in mind that I have no TA or charting skills.  But even without that, with the research I have put in; I feel I have a somewhat decent idea of what to expect. I am about as bullish as a person can be, and I hope that after reading this perhaps you will be too.

Also; I had previously made a price prediction post in October of 2020; which was before the bull market had officially started, and looking back on it I didn't make my predictions bullish enough.  So let's start!


5) Litecoin     


Previously I had predicted that Litecoin would have a price point of $400 during this timeframe, and like most of my predictions that you will see; I've realized that it was too low.  The current price is already hovering around the $160 price range and to reach the $400 mark it would only need to do slightly more than a 2x in price from here on out.  

It will do that certainly.

I have now changed my price prediction to $1,200.  Since my last prediction perhaps the best thing to happen to litecoin in the last few years happened; it was one of the few coins that was added as a purchasing option on PayPal.  And if I recall correctly; it is also the cheapest option on there as well.  Many of the "normal" people who do not know much about bitcoin or ethereum will look at those respective prices and feel it is too expensive for them.  They will then see that Litecoin is much cheaper and purchase it.  It may sound silly, but many times that is how the markets work.  Also the price of Litecoin often follows bitcoin like a magnet.  If bitcoin goes up, you can expect litecoin to follow suit as well. Everything will be going up in price during this bull run and litecoin will too.

Prediction = $1,200


4) Chainlink


Chainlink is one of my favorite coins out there and is one of the core components to DeFi as we know it. Meaning that if the DeFi market continues to become more popular and pump up in value; so too will the price of Chainlink.  But where will the price of chainlink go?  Well currently the price is already in an all-time-range at $25.50.  An important thing to remember is that Chainlink has never lived through a full bull run cycle.  It was released towards the end of the last bull run.  There are features that will be released in the future that could boost its value even more; such as staking. I fully expect that Chainlink will have a price cycle pretty similar to what happened with Ethereum during 2017-18, but a little lower.  Where Ethereum went from $1, all the way up to $1,400.   Chainlink started at under $1, and I expect the price to go to $275 or more.

Prediction = $275



3) Polkadot


Polkadot is the perhaps the hottest thing on the market since it was released towards the end of 2020 and one of my favorite cryptocurrencies out there.  It is at an all-time-high price already at around $21.00.  Naturally since this is Polkadot's first bull market, it sky is the limit for where this coin can go.  It is marketed as the blockchain that can bring all of the other blockchains together with its interoperability.  Or it could potentially be the new ethereum and eventually replace it.  Already being able to do everything that ethereum is promising with future updates that will take years.  Also the DOT ecosystem is growing incredibly fast, and has quickly grown to the largest ecosystem we have seen for a ETH competitor.  Than taking into account that you're able to stake DOT; there is a lot to love about this coin.

Prediction = $140


2) Ethereum


The 2nd largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, and the largest in terms of its ecosystem/usage. The new world computer.  There is a lot to love about ethereum; it truly has the potential to change the world.  Like I mentioned above; during the last bull run ethereum went on an insane price run.  Going from $1, all the way up to $1,400 before dropping.  ETH has already reached a new all-time-high price of around $1,680 and this bull run is just beginning.  Last time the price went up largely due to ICOs and the requirement of ETH to participate in them.  But this time around the price movement seems to be much more sustainable for the future.  While ETH is still being locked up and used for things such as DeFi; most people agree that DeFi is the future.  Then taking into account that ETH 2.0 phase 0 recently launched which brought the ability to stake ETH, (locking even more up), there are potential future protocol changes that will introduce fee burning will make ETH a deflationary asset.  There is a lot to be bullish here.  My previous prediction for ETH was that it would reach $3,500-$4,000 and I have realized that I was not nearly bullish enough.  I'm fully expecting that Ethereum will reach at least a price of $10,000.

Prediction = $10,000


1) Bitcoin


Bitcoin; my favorite coin and also what I am most bullish about.  I think that this bull run for bitcoin will be unlike anything we have seen more; and I believe it still isn't too late to buy BTC.  The world has changed dramatically in the last year.  From the virus, to government monetary printing, government deception/corruption, inflation; there are so many reasons to invest in bitcoin and many people are waking up to this fact.  

But even with those things above; this time is different.

Perhaps the most important thing is that institutions are now buying into bitcoin and they aren't buying a small amount either.  They are buying everything! The institutions don't plan on being short-term buyers unlike many retail buyers.  They plan on buying and holding for a long, long time.  The available supply of BTC is shrinking very fast, and there will be a supply shock very soon that will send the price up.  I may be in the minority with this, but I am also very bullish on the 2nd layer work on bitcoin. The last few weeks we have seen great progress and adoption, which will only help bitcoin even more.

The last time I predicted bitcoin's bull run price; I said it would go to $100,000-200,000.  This was before the price of BTC even began to rise, and again I have realized that I was not bullish enough.  I now believe the price of BTC will go to $400,000 during 2021-22.

Prediction = $400,000


Again these are just my thoughts on where I believe things will go, but it is really fun to think about the future price potential of your favorite coins!  If the price went up to these type of prices; would it be enough to change your life?  Are you satisfied with the amount of coins you have in your portfolio already? And what are your price predictions!?



As always, thank you for reading!


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