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By johnwege | johnwege | 26 Aug 2020

I don't know about you guys, but I have become somewhat obsessed with maintaining my portfolio.  Checking the prices each morning when I wake up, looking countless times through out the day and of course before I go to bed.  Not only that but I'm also always trying to better ways to tweak my portfolio for the latest trends to give myself a better chance for profits, but at the same time keeping coins that I believe have a chance for the greatest future.

I also really enjoy reading about other people's portfolio as well.  It can be interesting to see what coins other people are passionate about, which one's you share a similar interest, and also learning about some crypto that you had no idea even existed.  It's a great learning opportunity.

So without further delay, here is my portfolio at the current moment.  (always changing)


10. 1UP 0.25%


Recently I have become pretty active over on Uptrennd as I'm trying to diversify my blogging content and I have really enjoyed it over there.  While I still am having more success over on Publish0x, I have slowly begun to grow a small group of followers.  You can choose to spend your 1UP tokens  to level up your profile, which helps you in the future to receive a higher percentage of rewards when other people comment/upvote your posts.  Or you can choose to withdraw and sell your token.  1UP is currently listed on the popular Uniswap so that does give you many options.  Also, it has been hinted that DeFi options will soon be added to Uprennd's 1Up token, and if you have been paying attention recently, DeFi is the hottest thing around right now.  This fact alone has me holding as much as I can in anticipation of what may come.  Also 1UP at the time of me writing this article has a market cap of only about $6.5 million, when compared to other blogging site's coins such as Hive = $70 million, you can see there is a lot of room for potential growth.

9. Loopring 0.25%


After collecting a good amount of Loopring from my Publish0x blogging, I began to read more about the project and really liked what I saw and decided to invest even more into it.  I think it has a great use case that does give it potential to continue to grow and perform well.  Being a layer 2 solution to Ethereum that helps to send transactions more cheaply, this is exactly what everyone is wanting from Ethereum at the moment.  While currently Loopring only equals to about 0.25% of my portfolio, there is enough there that could someday grow to a larger percentage.  Especially if Ethereum continues to perform well during a possible bull run.



8. Ren 1%


Ren is a coin that I like a lot.  A coin that helps to allow Bitcoin to be used in the DeFi ecosystem, what's not to love about that!?  As DeFi continues to increase in popularity, so too will the popularity of Ren.  I have seen really nice gains here already with Ren.  Just a few months ago,  Ren only consisted of 0.10% of my portfolio, but without me purchasing any more, it has increased to a full percent of my portfolio.  I will continue to hold this for the foreseeable future.

7. Trustswap 1%


I have done very well with Trustswap.  If you don't know, Trustswap offers to bring subscription type payments into the cryptocurrency world which could be a big deal, especially for businesses.  Over a month a go, I put a very small amount of money into this project and it performed a 20x for me.  I must admit that I did take some profits and sold a portion off.  But I think this project has a ton of potential, and I decided to continue to hold a nice bag of it to see what happens in the future. 

6. Kava 1%


Kava could be huge in the future.  This coin is trying to bring all coins into the DeFi ecosystem, even if they aren't Ethereum-based.  This means coins like Bitcoin, XRP, BNB, and almost anything out there could be added.  I personally believe that anything that offers to bring bitcoin into DeFi has giant potential.  I did buy into Kava at around $1.00, and when it reached $5.20 I did sell off a large sum of my bag for profits.  But I believe in Kava for the long-term and will continue to hold a decent amount to see what happens in the future.

5. Cardano 4%


I'm a pretty big fan of Cardano.  I like what they are attempting to do, and even more-so, I like that they are bringing competition to Ethereum.  Competition in the crypto space is much needed and can prevent ETH from becoming too comfortable with their current popularity and hopefully motivate them to continue to innovate.  My holdings of Cardano is more-so a insurance policy of my own, if for some reason ETH would fail and Cardano would overtake them.  Then also taking into account that you can now stake your ADA, it makes it a no-brainer to own at least some Cardano.  Although, I must admit recently I have sold off a pretty large amount of Cardano, and moved it into a different coin that I'm excited about further down the list.

4. Chainlink 4%


I absolutely love Chainlink and think it has huge potential, especially with the recent popularity of DeFi.  It has a giant use case, and more partnerships than most other coins out there, and I think that these will only continue to grow into the future.  I originally bought into Chainlink at around the $2.00 mark, and have continued to purchase even as the price has continued to rise.  When the price was at it's peak of around $20, LINK was about 7% of my portfolio, but as the price has had a pullback, so too has the percentage value of the LINK in my portfolio.

3. Polkadot 8%


I'm a huge fan of the recently released Polkadot and think it's the most exciting new project in the last few years.  I like it so much that I decided to convert a large portion of my Cardano into Polkadot.  I bought in at around $2.80 and am so thankful I did, with it already doing a 2x.  The Polkadot chain has the potential to be the ultimate chain, that can operate/work with any other chain out there.  Also performing smart contracts, having high scalability, speed, and a great 12% staking percentage.  There is so much to be excited for with this project.  I foresee Polkadot quickly moving up to the #3 spot in terms of market cap.  Just like Cardano, Polkadot is a great insurance policy for ETH holders, if for some reason ETH would fail, there is a high chance that Polkadot would be the coin to take that spot.

2. Ethereum  20%


Next is Ethereum, one of the most exciting and fastest evolving ecosystems there is.  In the past there were ICO's built on ETH, now there is the popular DeFi using it, smart contracts, future staking rewards, there is so much to like about ETH.  Although currently it does have it's own limitations, (speed/scalability/transaction cost) these will continue to be fixed as ETH 2.0 rolls out.  Although we do need for that to roll out quickly in my opinion.  I think those that invest heavily into Ethereum today will be so thankful that they did in the not so far future.

1.  Bitcoin   60%


And of course bitcoin is #1 in my portfolio.  It is the king, and original blockchain cryptocurrency.  In the current crypto market, if bitcoin were to fail, I believe all of crypto would fail.  So investing in crypto is like investing in the future of the crypto market as a whole.  Everyone has heard the phrase that bitcoin is like "physical gold" and I tend to agree with them.  I do think we will see some truly incredible price numbers for bitcoin in the coming bull runs that will be life changing for many people.  Sure bitcoin does have its drawbacks, (speed/scalability/transaction cost) but if the price continues to rise I'm not too concerned about that.


So this was an overview of my portfolio at the current moment.  I also enjoy reading other people talk about their portfolio, because I find it very interesting to compare theirs, to mine.  Also it is a great chance to learn about other coins that have to potential to give you great profits.

So what does your portfolio look like?

As always, thank you for reading!

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