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By johnwege | johnwege | 1 Apr 2022

It's hard to believe, but we have already come to the end of March, and that also means that it is once again my favorite time of the month. The time where I calculate my crypto earnings for the month.  If you are new, this is an ongoing monthly series that I write, where I track my progress towards hopefully reaching my ultimate goals.  It's my hope to build these earning levels up to first help me accumulate crypto at a much faster pace, but ultimately it is my goal that I would eventually be able to quit my regular job and rely solely on these extra crypto earnings.  At the beginning of this year, I set a very lofty personal goal of earning $4,000 per month by the end of the year.  Who knows if I will be able to reach that goal, but the journey towards it will be exciting.  With that said, after adding up all of the numbers from this month, I was still quite far from that goal, and actually had a set back compared to previous months.  But just like with bitcoin's price, the prices don't just go up without ever retracing.  It will be a bumpy ride and that is what makes the destination even more enjoyable. 

I do want to stress the fact that I don't write these articles to gloat or show off, but I track the results in-order to see my own progress, which helps to keep myself motivated.  We all know that being active in the crypto markets can be stressful in of itself.  And the reason that I post these articles is that I hope that they will help to motivate others to begin their journey towards financial freedom as well.  Just like me, we all start at zero.  If I can make it, then anyone can do it.

During the month of March the two largest methods that I relied upon to earn crypto income were with my cryptocurrency blogging, and also by lending and staking.  I saw a nice boost during the month with my lending and staking rewards due to the prices of coins going up in terms of dollars. But the most important part was that the rewards in-terms of the coins themselves, were also at record highs.  With that said, my blogging performance did less than I am accustomed towards.  There could be a variety of reasons for this.  Some places where I post that are either really "hit or miss," in-terms of performance, unfortunately missed this time around.  Also, during the first few weeks of March, the market was quite bearish.  Less people want to read about crypto when prices are taking a nose-dive.  And finally, there were some very important geo-political events taking place and rightfully so, that is probably taking the attention of many people.

So without further delay, let's dig into the numbers and my crypto earnings for the month of March 2022.








Publish0x is where I first began writing about cryptocurrency and personal finance.  I remember the days when I used to be incredibly shy to write anything, and worried what readers may think about what I had to say, or if anyone would even read the posts.  Fast-forwards to today and it is still probably my favorite place to post. There are many reasons for this.  The community here is generally very welcome, friendly and kind to newcomers.  The comments that people write are usually either well thought out or friendly as well.  It also is the easiest platform in my opinion to understand.  If you put in the work and have patience to keep writing and gain followers.  Then it becomes much easier for your articles to perform well.  My earnings here are consistently in the $30-40 range, and this month came in right at the top of that range at $40.22.  


My follower count continues to grow as well, now reaching over 5,426 followers.  I hope to reach 6,000 before the end of May.  I'm actually very surprised with how many people follow me, because my articles tend to deal with only 3 types of topics.  More often than not bitcoin, then passive income/earnings, and also ethereum.  If I were to keep a more balanced writing menu, perhaps that would attract more people at a quicker rate.  But I prefer to write about what I'm passionate about, and I hope that is reflected in the article.  I also have a no referral link policy in my articles, so I hope that shows that I'm not trying to sell anyone anything for my own gain.


Publish0x Total = $40.22 is another platform that always surprises me.  Especially when considering that it is mainly a bitcoin cash service, but I write about bitcoin mostly.  With that said, most of the people who comment on my articles are very eager to learn and have well thought-out comments as well.  I'm not really sure how their random tip rewarder gives out the rewards.  Is it by article view count, comments, or some other factor? I'm not really sure, but is always one of my best blogging performers. Total = $70.15



Hive = $51.50.  LeoFinance = $22.74 /// COMBINED TOTAL = $74.24

I have mentioned before that Hive and LeoFinance have been really hit or miss with me in the past, and this month it was a miss.  Just looking at the numbers, a combined total of $74.24 may sound great.  But in the past my combined rewards have been around the $200 mark, and so it has dropped significantly.  And then taking into the fact that half of the rewards are dedicated towards Hive Power, which takes quite a while to power down and withdraw, and so the real number that I can access today is actually around $35.  I'm hoping that next month will see better results.



Substack $0

As always, I maintain a substack blog.  My goal here isn't to make money, but to have a service that I somewhat am in control of.  The subscriber base continues to grow, and the view count is consistent as well.  Maybe this will turn into something more in the future.


Blogging Total = $184.61


Crypto Lending and Staking



The bitcoin lending environment is always changing and I am always needing to evolve with it as well.  During the month of March, I began to cut back a little on what I was lending, and instead began putting the bulk of my new crypto purchases into cold storage.  At the end of this month, Ledn dropped their reward tier for lending bitcoin down to 5.25% for up to 0.50 BTC.  So I am currently considering if I will keep my bitcoin here or move it elsewhere.  With that said, I have no other complaints for the service. The rewards have always been paid when they said they would.  My withdrawals have always gone through.  I would probably still recommend the service.

Bitcoin = 0.00247664 BTC  ($116.40)



Using FTX (US), has been one of my new favorites to earn income on my crypto.  You earn 8% on all crypto up to your first $10,000 dollars.  Anything after that first $10,000, will earn 5% interest.  You are paid on an hourly basis, and bitcoin/solana and other non-etheruem chains have free withdrawals.  Perhaps this is a tactic to gain traction in the American market and they won't offer this forever.  So I am enjoying it while it lasts.

Bitcoin = 0.007517 BTC ($353.29)

Ethereum = 0.005299 ETH ($18.01)



I do keep funds on the Nexo service, but my main goal here isn't the interest rewards that are paid to me.  Awhile ago, I took out a loan on Nexo using some bitcoin as collateral, and so I keep extra bitcoin here for emergency collateral in-case the price of bitcoin were to nose-dive.  The fact that I can earn interest on it is just an extra bonus. 

Bitcoin = 0.000512 BTC ($24.06)



I stake both Ethereum 2.0 and Polkadot on Kraken and I enjoy it a lot.  The ETH is paid out weekly, and DOT is paid out twice a week.  A reminder that the ETH is actually locked and can't be withdrawn until the ETH 2.0 merge takes place.  So please keep that in mind. 

Ethereum = 0.013425872 ETH ($45.64)

Polkadot = 0.7183061 DOT ($16.30)


Crypto Lending and Staking Total= $573.70





And that was my performance for the month of March. While I'm still not even to 25% of my monthly goal, I still think that it is a very good number.  It is important to keep things in perspective.  Two years ago when I first began these types of articles, I would have been thrilled with these results.  And so, I still am today.  But the competitive spirit in me always has me pushing for bigger and higher goals.  

How about you? What were you doing during March to earn crypto? What methods were the most successful for you?



As always, thank you for reading!

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