Crypto: Everything Has Changed

By johnwege | johnwege | 25 May 2024

The game in crypto has changed and you're not ready for what's about to come next.

Since the creation of the cryptocurrency market, it has been the first opportunity where regular people had the chance to frontrun Wall Street. We were told that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and crypto were the future and that they would change the world. And that there would eventually be a moment when this market goes mainstream; causing a stampede rush into crypto that would cause prices to pump at a mind-melting pace. The end result is that cryptocurrency would cause the largest transfer of wealth that the world has ever seen. And the people who have been investing throughout the years would be able to take advantage and become the new wealthy elite.

However, years have gone by and this "transfer of wealth" still hasn't occurred. This has caused many people in the crypto market to keep asking "When?"

The answer is now.

The truth is that we are in an unprecedented place in Bitcoin and crypto's history. The Bitcoin spot ETF being approved at the beginning of 2024 was the shot that was heard around the world. Causing Bitcoin's price to skyrocket at a much faster-expected pace. For the first time in its history, we saw Bitcoin make a new all-time high before the BTC halving occurred. Rising all the way up to $73k. All of a sudden what we thought was impossible for Bitcoin's price, has become possible. Talks of Bitcoin reaching prices of $250k, $500k, or even above $1 million within a few years don't sound quite so outlandish anymore.

The Bitcoin ETF approval and BTC halving occurring would normally be more than enough to send us into a bull market. In fact, during most cycles, just one of those would be enough of a catalyst. But we had two.

But once again, everything changed in crypto, and the rules of the game have changed as well.


It was a near consensus that the Ethereum spot ETF would be rejected and the market had given up hope. But suddenly Bitcoin and crypto became a pivotal political issue in the upcoming US election. President Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Democrats have been attacking the crypto industry for the last few years and finally, republicans saw this as an opportunity.

Last week President Trump came out in favor of crypto and this caused a groundswell of support in his favor. So much so, that it took democrats by surprise and caused them to halt in their tracks. There was now a real possibility that their negative stance towards crypto could end up costing them the US Presidential election.


This resulted in many Democrats going against their own party and voting for crypto bills that President Biden had already come out and said he would veto. The power and passion of the crypto industry couldn't be denied. With the huge momentum change, Biden later announced that he would no longer veto the bill, and suddenly out of nowhere, there were huge strides toward the Ethereum ETF being approved.

This was something that took the crypto market by surprise causing Ethereum's price to pump by over 20% in just a few hours.

The only question is just how high could Ethereum's price go now that the ETF has been approved. Since Bitcoin's ETF approval, it's price has risen by more than 100%, and it would be conservative to expect a similar performance by Ethereum throughout the next few months.

This is the part where people are going to become very rich from crypto. For years we were able to front-run Wall Street, and now with these ETFs, they are rushing into the market. Along with the ETF bullishness, we must also remember that the BTC halving did just occur. What this all means is that this could end up becoming the biggest bullrun we've ever seen. Perhaps all of those predictions about a supercycle happening weren't so crazy after all.

Now is the time to sit back, and enjoy all your hard work of investing throughout the years. Now is the time when our lives are changed forever.

How about you? Are your crypto bags packed?

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