Bull Market Price Predictions!

Bull Market Price Predictions!

By johnwege | johnwege | 27 Oct 2020

If you are anything like me, that means that you love speculating about where the prices of cryptocurrency could possibly go during the next bull run.  I will be honest with you that this is something I think about on a daily basis.  It helps to guide every move I make within this industry. And I have put in a lot of research that makes me feel comfortable with how I have invested my money. 

In many ways I think the next bull cycle will be similar to the last cycle, where nearly every coin had reached unprecedented new all-time high prices.  But I also think that this bull run will differ from the last one as well.  Coins that soared to new highs last time will not be guaranteed to surpass those prices this time around.  I do believe that generally all coins will soar in price, exceeding even out wildest predictions, while others will fail to reach those price predictions.

Please keep in mind that this is not financial advice, but my own opinion.

Without further ado, let's get started.

8. Litecoin


Litecoin is often a coin that is overshadowed and forgotten.  Tagged by Litecoin's founder himself to be silver to Bitcoin's gold.  During the last bull run the fees for bitcoin and ethereum transactions went through the roof, and many people found value in LTC during that time to transfer in and out of BTC, but saving on the large transactions fees. Currently Litecoin is priced at nearly $57.00, and during the last bull run it reached $360.  I believe this bull run will out perform the last cycle, and because of that I easily see Litecoin reaching a price of over $400, establishing a new all-time high.

$400 ($360)


7. XRP


At the time of writing XRP had a price of nearly $0.25, and reached $3.40 during the last bull run.  I will admit that I've never been a fan of XRP, and as time goes on I believe XRP too will fade away.  During the bull market, XRP will see great gains, as will everything else.  But I don't see it reaching a new all-time high price. XRP is one of the very few coins to be down on the year, which leads me to be bullish for its future potential.

$2.00    ($3.40)


6. Cardano


At one point I was a very big fan of Cardano, but as time went by I began to lose faith in the project.  A term I have often heard said about Cardano is that it is a "Professor Project."  Something that continues to be researched and researched, but never delivers, and I have also grown to feel this way about this project.  So much so that I sold all of my ADA just a few months ago.  They did finally release Shelley during the summer which is fantastic, but they still have yet to release smart contracts, governance and just don't have the ecosystem to compare to ethereum yet.  But during the bull market I do believe most coins will pump, and so to will Cardano, I just don't see it surpassing it's previous all-time high this time around.

$1.30    ($1.33)


5. BNB


The binance coin, that continues to add more and more value to the coin.  If you use BNB you can save on trading fees, they have launched their own form of DeFi on the chain, and their is a large quarterly coin burn that increases the value of the remaining coins.  There is a lot to like about what they have been doing, especially if you are a fan of Binance.  I see BNB doing very well during the next bull-run.

$150    (39.68)


4. Polkadot


Polkadot, one of my newest favorites in the cryptocurrency for many reasons.  It could bring interoperability into the crypto space, already having the ability to shard, all this means it could help Ethereum while it is still progressing through the full 2.0 update.  Or, in an less likely chance, it could eventually overtake ethereum.  That last example I don't believe will happen.  Also taking into account to stake DOT for 12% at some exchanges make this coin very attractive.  This will be the very first bull market for Polkadot, and we have no idea where the price could eventually land.

$50  (new)


3. Chainlink


I'm also a big fan of Chainlink and got into it when it was just around $1.00.  The oracle that is the back bone of most things DeFi has gone parabolic during the summer and reached a new all-time high of $20.00, before dropping more than 50% as the hype had gone down.  As the market comes back around again, I fully expect Chainlink to exceed what it had already achieved.  Then you also need to take into account that there will be several updates to the coin that will even bring the ability to stake.

$100 - $150   (new)


2. Ethereum


Ethereum was the coin that I had the most difficult time deciding how to price.  I love ethereum, think it has a lot of potential and really like the ecosystem it has built around it.  During the last bull market ethereum reached a price of around $1,400, and that was largely lead by the ICO crazy that was happening at the time.  While that is no longer the case, there is the DeFi hype faze that should propel ETH this time around, even though the hype has come down since the summer.  Assuming that phase 0 of Eth 2.0 has launched by the time the cycle begins, and the price could go even above my estimates.  Once the markets begin climbing to a high enough number, the banks and financial world will no longer be able to ignore the crypto markets, and most of them will build their systems on Ethereum.

$3,500- $4,000+  ($1,400)


1. Bitcoin 


The king of the crypto space; this is where all eyes will be watching during the bull run.  Just how far can bitcoin go during this next bull cycle.  Well in my opinion I think it can go quite far, and these are just my conservative estimates.  The numbers you see below are what I had in mind for price potential before companies began investing their reserves into the cryptocurrency.  But now that they have, it has made me even more bullish.  So bullish in fact that I have trimmed an extreme amount of "fat" in my portfolio and converted it all into bitcoin.  If you are lucky enough to have just 1 BTC, or even more, it could really be life changing.  No matter how you feel about BTC, it will be very exciting to see how far it will go this time around.  Out of honesty, I must admit that bitcoin does make up the largest portion of my portfolio and have been in the market long enough that makes me appreciate it even more.

$100,000 - $200,000+   ($20,000)


This are just my opinions of what I think will happen with some of the biggest coins out there.  To be honest, I feel that I was very conservative with my estimates for a few of these coins, and I could be wrong entirely. 

But I would love to hear where you think prices will go?  Which coins are you HODLING for the bull market?

As always, thank you for reading!

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