A World Without Bitcoin

By johnwege | johnwege | 23 Apr 2024

It may not seem like it, but Bitcoin is something that many of us in the market have begun to take for granted over the years. Many of us originally got into this market for the potential financial gains that we could achieve and became blinded by dollar signs. Only thinking about how much money we would need to change our lives forever, and not thinking often enough about why we actually need to own Bitcoin. This is something that many people began to learn the hard way during the recent banking crisis. When people began to understand just how little power and control they had over their own money.

The world is currently a dark place with many problems. The most recent of them is the impending financial crisis that could result in not only a recession but potentially the next great depression. People are losing their jobs, and having their life savings value being inflated away. It is getting hard just to make ends meet. With all of this happening, owning Bitcoin is always something that has given me a sense of peace. It made me feel like I could still have hope for the future. That I would actually be rewarded for saving, and that being able to retire in the future was still possible.

But imagine for a moment that Bitcoin didn’t exist. What would that world look like? And what would it mean for us?

Things Would Never Change


The harsh reality is that things would never change. The reason for that is the people who control the money, control the people. This is what gives them power. Another dark secret is that when people are kept poor, groups or governments have power over them as well. Being forced to continue working a 9 to 5 that never allows us to get ahead financially. For many of us, Bitcoin is our hope for a chance at escaping that dark fate.

If there wasn’t a way to opt out of the financial system with something like Bitcoin, corrupt money printing would never stop. Once a government begins printing money to solve its problems, it requires them to keep printing more and more to keep solving those same problems. It’s a never-ending cycle that eventually leads to hyperinflation, and our savings being wiped away.


There are other surprising ways that Bitcoin has helped people that we never imagined beforehand. People going down the rabbit hole, learning how money really works and gaining financial literacy. Learning how to budget and invest. Giving them the skills to succeed even if Bitcoin were to go to zero. However, if Bitcoin didn’t exist, many of these people wouldn’t have learned these skills. They aren’t things that are taught in schools.

Most of the world's problems stem from currency being overly abundant and money printing. If countries were able to print money to go to war, it's likely that wars would become more uncommon. If it was harder to borrow money or use credit cards, people would have less of a likelihood of falling into inescapable debt. The fiat world is similar to a wheel continuing to spin in a circle. It doesn’t matter the country, place, or the people. The same problems will only continue to happen. 

With that said, we are lucky that we do have Bitcoin, and that it could fix many of these problems. Many people feel that Bitcoin could be our one and only chance to break the previous system, and finally live in a better world. This is why Bitcoin is important.

How about you? What would a world without Bitcoin look like?

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