What is truth

By johnaaron | johnaaron | 21 Mar 2022

What is truth?
What is truth?
And where is it to be found?

Does it come from the wailing sirens of loudspeakers?
Or from the blast of trumpets?

From the ringing gong of a liberty bell echoing across the distance?
From sneering voices aloft In castles of glass and towers of ivory?

Does it come from stone tablets sourced from the highest mountain?
Or from a voice crying in the wilderness?

From a long life of contemplation?
Or from the passion that bursts forth from the depths of one's unbridled emotions?

Does it come from political activism and mass movements of change?
Or from a family united around the dinner table?

Does it come from the innocence of a child's uncorrupted mind?
Or the regrets of a man holding his brother bleeding out on the battlefield?

Is it found in the well worn hands of a man doing hard work for a lifetime to provide for his family?
Or is it found in crafty words printed in black ink, on crisp white paper?

Is it proven by a checkmark or a trophy?

Is it found on the silver spoon?
Or is it found when you lose your last pot to piss in?
What is truth?

Ponder this, Pontius.

What is truth but Christ?

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Just an average joe schmo, a john doe.


just an average joe, a john doe. some call me a joe schmo.

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