In my bones

By Johana Alejandro | Johana Alejandro | 22 Feb 2022

I thought I hated you but instead I related to the truth. That you're never gonna change.
And that's ok cause neither will I. There's so many things on which I've fixed upon my mind. There's definitely no button here to hit rewind. All that's left to do Is move forward. But how when all these emotions are stored up. Tell me another lie like how you counted my tears and how you forgave me after all these years. If that's right then why am I still homeless and money's always tight. I'm really losing my motivation to fight.
Besides all this my family is never close
Tell me are my defender or are you here to pose.
All in good time I suppose.
I'm pretty pissed off if you can't tell.
I lose my virginity every time I leave my shell.
You said you'd clear a path home.
Instead you're turning my heart into stone.

I feel you in me down to my bones.

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Johana Alejandro
Johana Alejandro

I'm New to crypto and still learning

Johana Alejandro
Johana Alejandro

Moth BallsCan't sleep so I might as well sweep. Through these hall's of moth balls. Filled with visiting rooms that have no cause. I often wonder. Why am I here? What's the point? Please make it clear. I call for you but I don't know if you are near? I don't want any more space. I just want my fingers with yours interlaced. Sometimes I think gravity is fake. When I think of you my mind turn's in to a lake or should I say a sea. Where there's birds and passing breeze.

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