Trump Eisenhower Farewell Speech Outline

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold | joeyarnoldvn | 10 Jan 2021

Trump MUST expose how Biden is not eligible to be elected as a US President, legally or constitutionally speaking.

Trump must declassify everything.

Trump must pardon Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and others.

Trump must expose Covid and election fraud.

Eisenhower's farewell address is what Trump must do right now or else.

Feel free to steal anything I say in this article and pretend you said.

Share this post and pretend it's something you came up with.

I don't care if you copy and paste this post and put your name on it.

I only care that people try their best to get this webpage or the contents therein to Trump or as close to Trump as possible. This is breaking news and red alert all the way.

Protestors were INVITED into the Capital Building

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Trump Eisenhower Farewell Speech Outline

Oatmeal Daily - 2021-01-09 - Saturday | Published in January of 2021

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Emergency Message To Trump! Deep State Still Planning 25th Amendment Coup

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Trump should go live from the oval desk in the White House each night.

Trump must expose how police let Antifa and crazy Qanon freaks into the Capitol on Jan6.

Trump must expose how China is invading America right now in a variety of ways.

Trump must say with authority that China conquered the United States of America by installing their puppet, Joe Biden.

People must reach out either directly to Trump or to the closes person to Trump they can get to.

For example, if you can reach out to Donald Trump Jr, then do it. But if you can't do that. Then, here's another idea.

If you can reach out to Steven Crowder who might be able to reach out to Don Jr, do it.

Or reach out to somebody who can reach out to Steven for example.

Or just brainstorm a web of people who might be able to get this to Trump.

Or just share this everywhere and hope somebody sees it shares it.

Get the picture now, get as close to Trump as you can with info Trump must know.

We only have a few days left to save the republic.

There are things Trump should be doing right now.

Trump should be making videos where he exposes reality.

Trump needs to talk directly to people on the Internet.

Trump needs to stop apologizing regarding things which didn't happen.

Trump was stabbed in the back by Pence and others.

Trump needs to grow some balls and get angry on video like Eisenhower was angry but in an educational manner as we live in an information war, pure and simple. Trump must educate people as much as he can. Trump should try to get as much information out as he can and as quickly as he can.

Screenshot at 2021-01-09 17:03:25 Einsenhower Final Address.png

VIDEO: Alex Jones Tried To Stop The Storming of DC Capitol Which Qanon & Antifa Were Involved In Storming

Trump must expose what really happened on Jan6 for example.

Alex Jones tried stopping patriots from falling for the trap, the false flag, and Alex is on record for talking about possible future traps which globalists and others set again and again, time after time, there is a pattern, a method to all of the madness, a method to the divide and conquer. Globalists enjoy revealing their future plans ahead of time. Alex is not a fortune teller. He simply knows how to read. And globalists have been tearing down the curtain as seen in the Wizard of Oz. So, globalism is not a secret. We can all see behind the curtain. We can see their plans because they boast about their Agenda 2030 for example, the Great Reset and a variety of other things. They fund race wars and so many other things hidden in plain sight for the world to see.

Police let Antifa and some Qanon followers into the US Capitol on Wednesday, the 6th of January of 2021.

Some peaceful Americans followed them in and were later arrested. The storming of the Capitol started even while Trump was still speaking. In other words, it was a different group of people who were storming the Capitol and it was less than 1% who were doing the storming. Also, they were not and are not Trump supporters. Qanon people are not really Trump supporters.

Some Antifa were pretending to be Trump supporters and the others were Qanon weirdos.

The Q movement helped red-pill or wake up some people but it also led too many people down the wrong path of pacifism, AKA Trust The Plan.

Some of the dirty cops were letting them in on Jan6.

Some of the cops were trying to keep people from storming the Capitol.

Trump should talk about all of this and more.


It appears Trump was saying sorry, like he was apologizing for his own supporters.

However, Q followers are not really his supporters and we all know this.

Some Qanon people say it doesn't matter that Biden stole the election from Trump as this is all part of a larger plan.

But we should not give up so easily.

We should not just say Trump 2024 because what makes you think we can win in 2024 when they already stole it in 2020 and many times before that as well?

They're seeking to imprison Trump supporters if Biden gets in.

Americans must take action right now or else kind of thing.

Trump should go live each night via the emergency alert system.

Trump should have fireside chats or simply oval office chats.

Each night, Trump can cover a different topic.

I could talk all day about the different things I think Trump should address.

Trump should at least make one last address assuming Trump can't stop the foreign takeover.

If Trump can't get enough military to save America from the deep state, the globalists, China, technocracy, the global banks, etc, etc, all of the different groups involved, then Trump should at least let the world know America died.

Trump must say the USA was sold to China.

I would encourage Trump to try to do both each second of his life from now on until the day he dies.

First, Trump should try to always be on video for the world to see on television, radio, Internet, etc.

Secondly, Trump should always try to stop the American Takeover, the American Invasion, the Death of America.

And again, Trump is out of time.

Trump should not sit there and cry about it.

We all should not just wait to primary people.

We should not just wait until we can vote again in 2022 and 2024.

We need to get videos and articles to Trump.

We need Trump to expose how Biden is not constitutionally eligible to be an American President.

Trump needs to expose many things or at least expose Biden for starters.

And Trump must know that they're trying to impeach, remove, imprison, and even murder Trump, his family, and even his supporters.

It's like Cambodia all over again when they were murdering anybody in that country who had glasses on.

I wouldn't be surprised if that ended up happening really soon.

I was betting with people that Trump would win.

But it doesn't really matter if I lose that bet or not because I'll probably be imprisoned for not wearing a mask. I may even be murdered or who knows what soon, that is me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, so if you don't hear from me in a while, since I do normally have a daily blog, so if I'm not posting daily as I usually do, then just between you and I, Oatmeal Joey didn't kill himself, I didn't commit suicide.

Goodbye cruel world lol, but seriously!

This is do or die for America and for the world.

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