State of the project: PascalCoin project Bi-weekly update

State of the project: PascalCoin project Bi-weekly update

By Dzoelx | Pascal blockchain | 13 Jul 2019



It’s been quite an amazing couple of weeks for the PascalCoin team and the cryptocurrency community as a whole. For the PascalCoin team, it’s been one goal after the other as the team continues it's quest to BUILD a perfect blockchain technology and a community driven cryptocurrency. With the team making tremendous progress over the past couple of weeks, here is an update to keep you in touch with the major happenings…

RandomHash miner Version 1.5.3 release

We are glad to announce the release of the latest version of the RandomHash miner:
Newly added features includes:

MacOS support and binaries. (Tested on High Sierra and El Capitan)

Internal CPU throttling option to slow down mining.

The new version includes updates to the previous version which fixes the following issues:

Duplicate shares when pool mining.

EthMan API : sent config.txt was ignored when restarting miner on Linux.

More details on this release…

A brand new explorer!

In the quest to offer the best experience to the users, the Pascal blockchain developers are pleased to announce the release of a new blockchain explorer!, while the previous explorer remains functional, the new explorer provides a better user experience and more features to enable the tracking of transactions and provides more information which might be needed by the user.
Get a feel of the new explorer!

V5 protocol implementation continues
With much success made in the implementation of the V5 protocol, this includes the account seal feature and the atomic swap smart contract, our developers continues the development of the features of the V5 protocol. In the past couple of weeks, the following success have been made as regards the V5 protocol implementation:

Implementation of the Account DATA(PIP-0024): The Account DATA feature allows users to store a data field in the account, this opens doors to many use cases such as:
A federated database
A data storage network
A decentralized database
A separate article which better explains this concept will be released soon, stay tuned!

Implementation of the Missing ID for in-protocol Data exchange described in PIP-0016: The ID is a 16 bytes GUI created by the sender of the data, this allows the exchange of data between accounts.

Beta/ Testing stage of the New wallets!: Another exciting development! As the PascalCoin wallets nears completion, the team is glad to announce the beta testing stage of the new wallets, your participation will be highly appreciated as we hope to have more people in the testing process of the new wallets so as to get more feedback on bugs and features which needs enhancement. The team will also be glad to have translators for the new wallets so to enable multi-lingual support for th

e wallets. Expect some touch of greatness!
More info about this will be released soon…

Administrative developments

The interim DAO team is glad to welcome Redmonski to the DAO team, Redmonski have been an incredible member of the PascalCoin team and have contributed immensely to the growth endeavor to follow his exciting series ‘Auditing in PascalCoin

A very warm welcome to the new deputy!

Feeling excited? Here’s an amazing video to keep you excited! watch and share with friends

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