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By Dzoelx | Pascal blockchain | 2 Oct 2019



Seems the month of September lasted for only two hours–lol, someone whispered that. Busy busy month however, with many things going on over the past couple of weeks for Pascal and every other blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

Once again the cryptocurrency market exhibits some volatility, but the blockchain concept keeps getting stronger and better. With all these going on within the past thirty days, we bring you the notable highlights of the month of September as it concerns Pascal.

Huge developments and pascal improvement proposals have capped off an unarguably great month for the Pascal project and a busy one for the Pascal team…

V5 protocol implementation and upgrade continues

In our previous report, we already kicked off the testing stage of the Version5 protocol for Pascal blockchain with the release of the V5 Testnet Beta 1 which contains all the vital features of the V5 Testnet. Sequel to this, we’ve also released the V5 Testnet Beta 2, the Beta Testnet is not compatible with the previously generated blockchain on Beta 2 due to an extra byte addition by the implementation of the E-PASA (infinite address) protocol [PIP-0027].

Download and test the V5 Testnet Beta 2:

Feel free to test all available features.
RPC calls implementating encode/decode E-PASA are pending, but, core will carry extra byte needed for this. Future releases will include pending calls.

V5 Testnet Beta 3 will also be released soon as we strive to ensure that all features are tested out on the Testnet before the release of the mainnet V5 protocol.

Website redesign and development

In our quest to ensure smooth user experience on our official website, we’ve kicked off the development and re-design of the Pascal website. This development includes frontend and back-end developments to give the website a better outlook and give the users the best experience. This is in line with the PIP-0034 and hopes to achieve the following amongst others:

• Redesign the Pascal website and make it more intriguing, understandable and beautiful
• Create and implement various animation to make the website more interactive and appealing
• Create and implement various illustrations to make the website more approachable and easier to digest
• Define a color scheme, a font choice, and a font weight & size hierarchy for the website to make it consistent all around
• And so much more!

The first deliverable for this PIP have already been achieved, here’s a sneak peak of the new Pascal website…


Rebranding continues

Due to the soft re-brand which took effect from our previous report, so much effort have been made to effect the new project name on all existing profiles, partnership and exchanges, however, this is only nearly complete and we continue sending out mails to all concerned bodies to change the project name to the new community chosen name—PASCAL.

 New trading pairs at Vite Dex 

To enhance the trading experience at Vite dex, we have added two more pairs for Pascal, the PASC/ETH and PASC/USDT pairs. Hence all available pairs at Vite dex have been added, we hope to continue adding more pairs when available and if necessary to ensure easy exchange of Pascal with desired cryptocurrencies.

 Joining the Vite-x minning ecosystem!

In another exciting development, we have joined the Vite-x minning ecosystem which allows earn VX by trading on vite dex. Here’s how the Vite-x minning works:

Trading as Mining:

Each time a PASC/BTC trade is executed on ViteX, the trader receives VX rewards. VX holders enjoy dividends of transaction fees and listing fees. (A minimum of 10 VX is required to receive dividends)

Market-making as mining:

Placing buy orders of PASC/BTC that deviates no more than 10% (to be reduced to 5%) from the bust buy offer in the order book can receive VX rewards.
The vite-x minning is currently activated on the PASC/BTC trading pair only…

Happy Trading!

Feeling the Pascal wave? Here’s a mini-game to keep you in the Pascal mood
Available on Android store only.

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