State of the project: Pascal Blockchain Bi-weekly report.
State of the project: Pascal Blockchain Bi-weekly report.

By Dzoelx | Joelagbo | 18 Jan 2020



Stepping into the new year, and the new decade, the pascal project have continued its growth , via several developmental and promotional activities, we’ve focused on enhancing our technology and increasing our user base, the pascal project have grown tangibly since the onset of the new year.

Busy one it’s already been with our devs continuously improving the technology, the team working to keep the project on track and our community standing behind the project, we’ve made notable achievements since the beginning of the year.

It’s mid-week, a very good time to put a pause and bring to you the highlights of the past couple of days. Here are the notable events of The past few weeks:

Pascal V5.2 Underway!

So fast? Yeah! The pascal blockchain’s Version5 upgrade is barely a month old, but despite this short time, it has gone through some rigorous developments to improve its functionality, ensure that the user gets the best experience while using it, the Pascal V5 is set to undergo another major development with the v5.2 already proposed and is set to fix abnormalities experienced with the new version as well as add other features. The V5.2 will…

• Fix the important bug caused by bad calculated "more work" blockchain found by Herman Schoenfeld.

• Limit NAT to 7 seconds by default as proposed by Herman Schoenfeld in order to minimize a warp timestamp attack.

• Fix invalid "balance" rounded decimals value caused by FPC (daemon or Linux versions).

• Improvements on hashlib4pascal library by Ugochukwu Mmaduekwe

• Plus other Minor improvements and bug fixes.

The V5.2 is in its final stages of development and will be released soon, follow our social media channels to stay Informed on the release date.

Find the details of this upgrade Here

Release of the RandomHash2 version 2.0

The RandomHash protocol provides GPU and ASIC resistant hashing algorithm, solved the problem of centralized mining and saved the PascalCoin ecosystem from the harsh implications of dual mining and the PascalCoin being mined as a secondary coin.

The RandomHash2 is a very important improvement of the RandomHash to enhance every functionality of the RandomHash.

With the RandomHash 2 released as part of the V5 protocol upgrade, we are pleased to announce the release of the RandomHash2 v2. 0 which comes much improvements of the RandomHash2 and operates at a much faster than the original miner.

Find the details of this upgrade Here

Pascal content creation contest 

Bring on the creatives! The pascal content creation contest was proposed to engage the community with the pascal project. Starting off on 16 December 2019 till 10th January 2020, the pascal content creation contest includes video creation and article writing categories all focused on giving the community members a chance of sharing their knowledge on several features of the Pascal blockchain and also getting rewarded for doing so, with several entries and creative works, the community was given a chance to pick their favorite entries.

After the community voting, the winning entries were selected with the grand winner walking away with 2500pasc and other winners also getting huge amounts of pasc.

Here’s the full result

Airdrop events

If you’ve been checking out our social media channels, we’ve conducted several giveaway events in as we work to improve all round engagement of our followers with the pascal project and also incentivize their engagement with our project. Numerous airdrop events focused on rewarding the participants for performing social tasks have been conducted and the participants rewarded as promised. We also partnered with Vite exchange to airdrop pascal to its users for performing some social media tasks. This is to increase our social media presence and reach out to other blockchain enthusiasts.

With much more going on… Join us on these channels to get first hand information as soon as they are dropped.

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